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I can always count on Duet staff

Dude, updating the website is a complete mess because I let it go months and months again. And a ton of it is teeny je100 stuff, which always involves redoing headings and a bunch of other junk.

But I did unearth the Kis-My-Ft2 as Rainbow Brite Color Kids ficlet that I wrote snowqueenofhoth, which is one of my favorite random things ever. Senga turning Nika's frogs blue! funny~

Almost done, though. Except the 30 fics I wrote last month...hnn...

We started Coffee Prince at Drama Night last week, and i have to say that episode 2 had us just cracking up during the blind date sequence. The two leads are so cute! I don't like the other girl though, but that's typical. For me to even like the main girl is a pretty big achievement. I think I might want to watch You're Beautiful? But then again I might just rewatch Ikemen, haha.

Speaking of that, FujiKita drama! oh god, poor Taipi XD I hope they get to shove each other around at least. And I am super excited for face-squish covers~
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