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A shitton of teachers in my building, much less my district, are getting furloughed and everything is essentially awful at the moment. Everyone is melting down, people are crying in the staff rooms, the students are entirely insufferable, we have weeks to go yet and we have a staff meeting on Wednesday that's going to obviously be the worst meeting ever. There's nothing anybody can do except for have a bunch of awful and useless meetings. Next year won't be hardly better, since we'll be missing a ton of younger, really good teachers and our class sizes will all be huge, plus the city cut all kindergarten starting next year, so my district will have a TON of students transferring in from that.

Against the backdrop of that, I had one of those days where a ton of small, stupid things are really annoying, but you can't even complain about them satisfactorily because people have so much more serious problems. I ripped like half my thumbnail off and (unrelatedly) bled all over the back of my shoe without realizing, and I just got an email that CDJapan had my magazine returned to them, despite the fact that they have delivered the 1st 4 magazines of my subscription to here, and roughly two million other things, without any problem.


And tomorrow is Anime Club day. ._________________. Maybe I'll wake up with appendicitis and then I can go to the hospital and just nap peacefully until school is over Orz
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