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not that it matters

So since I worked up the nerve to post about lack of commenting, I haven't felt like writing even once.

Not that I've felt like doing anything, since all week at school it's been an endless stream of people I like being furloughed. Both my next door neighbors will be gone next year, and we'll have so few staff left that I think their rooms might stay empty. My building has the youngest staff in nearly every department, so even teachers who have been there 6, 7, 8 years are being called in as people from other buildings bump them out. One of my friends came back from her meeting the other day sobbing, and it was all I could do not to sit there crying next to her.

I don't know even whether it's better to be one of the people staying or not. they'll just get rid of another huge batch of teachers next year, I'm sure, plus it's our contract negotiation year. We can't cover the number of math and science classes we have as of even now.

I just feel like, what's the point of anything.
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