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back in the burg

well, Mulciber and I survived the packing and the moving, and the being home so far. i don't start work till Friday! yay!

I'm on the fence about NYC for PoA. sociofemme is going for sure I think. Anybody else? it's really the driving that makes me so fleh about it. Plus I think Kathy might murder me if I refused to work the entire HP opening weekend.

Remix stuff is up! woohoo! Events conspired to grant me two remixes, both of which I love.

Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain (The Déjà Vie Remix) fleshes out my original idea beautifully. Some Harry/Neville and an adorably befuddled Harry, the cloth charmed like the sky, there's a dozen or so reasons why I really enjoyed receiving this.

Bittersweet Triumph (Tramps Like Us Remix), which I have already seen recced other places, I adored.
The story retells from Remus' POV, putting in all the reasons why the Triumph matters that Harry has no idea about. I love outofcontrol!Remus, and the offhand characterization of Sirius.

What I love most of all about both of my Remixes (remices?) is that neither of them flatout retell my stories, they tell other bits of them, so you can read them as companion pieces.

now i finally have some time to read other ones...
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