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Et Tu, Rufe

I spent the evening at the middle school's awards ceremony, which is nice, except for I already did the high school's last week and graduation last night so I essentially was exhausted-hungover all day and really really need this school year to be over, like, ten minutes ago. Anyway, at least it wasn't 3 1/2 hours long like the high school's was, but it was long enough, and involved me standing up to talk about the Latin award kid in front of a couple hundred people, which is just a tiny bit nerve-wracking. But I didn't fall on my face or anything (like I did Monday in my classroom in front of 20 8th graders).

At the end, the French teacher and I are standing there, and the Latin award kid and the French award kid come up to us.

French student: "Madam! Can I get a picture with you? I can't wait to take French with you at the high school in the fall!!!"
My student: "You said my name wrong, Magistra."

So that pretty much sums up my entire school year in a neat little package.
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