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Check In

I haven't been posting anything but fic for a while, and hardly posting at all even then, so I thought I would check in.

I'm officially on summer break, after my last (somewhat terrible) training on Monday. I'm starting to feel a little better, but it was days and days before I even felt a little like the year was over. I still feel uneasy and all a mess, and also gained a bunch of weight back at the end of the year, ugh.

I really haven't been doing anything of worth, just watching a bunch of netflix and poking at the guinea pigs and clicking things on GPX or taking quizzes. I've taken more than one accidental nap of 3+ hours, which I suppose is good if it's that I'm still recovering from overexhaustion, but i don't feel rested at the end of them, or more rested than I did before. Also I've been crocheting a bunch during the netflixing, but it isn't to any particular purpose.

And I haven't even started my JE FQF, which I completely forgot existed until the reminder post. Was supposed to start today, but see above about accidental naps. so that's pretty much where things stand right now.

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