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i just don't feel like magazines should be so frustrating

ugh, i'm so frustrated with CD Japan right now.

I have a subscription to Potato through them, even though the shipping is atrocious, because at least i was getting them on a regular and not THAT delayed basis. For the first bunch of issues that was fine, but now I've had two issues get returned to CD Japan marked 'address unknown' and at that point i have to pay shipping over again, and they don't seem to know what the problem is. My address hasn't changed, and they have mailed roughly 9000 things here, including the other five issues of this fucking magazine.

May got returned, and while we were arguing about that, June arrived with no problem. May is STILL not here, and I just got an email that July came back. UUUUGH. So I have to go to the post office tomorrow to ask what the fucking fuck is this about, and they will just be like, we don't have any idea either. Because my address exists! I live at it!!

of course this keeps happening in the dead of night my time so I can't do anything but be supremely irritated about it until tomorrow morning. Why is getting one goddamn idol magazine once a month so complicated? Why?!
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