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somebody come over here and clean guinea pigs because i just cannot cope

post office said they have no idea why my junk keeps getting sent back to cdjapan, but they will "put a note up in the receiving area for my route." right.

sent a lengthy email back to cdjapan person asking them to put on a tracking number (but only if you can do that without changing my super-slow mailing option, because otherwise it won't have the same problem) and resend it.

RL friend who is supposed to go to the beach with me tomorrow morning just called and is too sick to go. because i am a loser and don't exactly have multiple candidates for this much less on short notice, that means I have to drive down with my parents (assuming i can even fit in the car with all my mother's stuff) and then be stuck in a condo alone with them until Wednesday, when one brother+family will arrive (other 2 brothers both dropped out). for some reason I find this intensely upsetting rather than just aggravating. maybe it's because everything is so aggravating all the time lately.

so i'll be at the beach from tomorrow until next saturday, which coincidentally are the exact days which prevent me from seeing snowqueenofhoth while she's in NYC. there's supposed to be wifi at the place but honestly i'm not feeling very optimistic.
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