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Grandpa Pig Marooned Us on Pirate Island

Today is our last full day at the beach~ I've been in the water every day, which is super unusual for me, but the water here has been much cleaner than usual. It's certainly a lot cleaner than the pool (that's not the condos fault, there's just so many people in it all day that there's like a patina of sunscreen, ick). My father refuses to come in the ocean, for some reason, so I've been dragging my mother down.

1B, SiL, and nephew came down Wednesday for fireworks and beach time for the last couple days, which has been a little off-and-on, because nephew is terrified of kind of like everything, including but not limited to being in/near the ocean, any of us being in/near the ocean, and also even the weeniest baby rides at the boardwalk (the firetrucks that go around in a circle sent him into a screaming on the ground meltdown). I can't judge though, because even in the universe where somebody would be willing to reproduce with me, I'm sure my offspring would hardly be more normal.

Either way, it's been nice mostly, but I'm ready to go home and sleep in my own bed and have guinea pigs and the good internet. And also to stop being the 30yo at the boardwalk with her parents like a complete loser.
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