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Some Nail Art and a Flag Blanket

Heading over to my parents in a bit, so I thought I'd kill time by posting some of the nail art. I've been posting them only on Twitter, just because that's a lot easier, but a lot of you guys seem to enjoy them too, so here you go:


Full-size version, the ones I just put on. Really pleased with this. It's Zoya's Tracie as a base, and a bunch of other Zoya greens as dots (Charla, Zuza, and Midori).

What I had for the beach just before this. Two more of Zoya's summer colors, and I love this orange shimmer like crazy. I don't even usually get oranges, but it looked so good on the color plate when I got my last order.

The cream summer blue with the tips in the blue shimmer. I really like how the cream/shimmer sets this summer are almost the same so you can do blendy stuff.

I hated these with my whole heart, haha. The pink sparkle over top barely showed, the little pieces were too chunky and stuck up, and the yellow went on way too think for no reason. I put up with it for barely a week before I was like OOPS I BROKE THAT ONE START OVER.

Zoya's thick enough to use my Konad stamper! Huzzah! That was the best discovery I've made in ages. Zoya's Carly stamped on top of Shelby (Carly is WAY prettier in person than on the site, much more grapey and the glitter is hot pink more than anything).

Got the idea/brand for these from flailinginlove. The top part with the stripes and bling is a sticker, but bits are see through so you can see the polish underneath, which I did in a bunch of different colors. Kiss the brand for the stickers, and they have a bunch of different patterns. I've seen them around at Riteaid and CVS, although I amazoned mine.

Also I made my flag-obsessed nephew a flag blanket for when he came to the beach. Turned out pretty well even if all 13 stars couldn't fit on.

Also there's a picture of the flag blanket I made my nephew inside the cut as well.
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