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Reveals for FQF are up, so here you are.

Title: Switch Hitter [Yokoo/Nikaido, Yokoo/Nikaido/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, no warnings
Summary: Nikaido would do anything Yokoo asked of him, so shouldn't Yokoo feel the same way?
AN: For orangegreenlove, who wanted Yokoo/Nikaido(/Kitayama), people switching, blowjobs, Kitayama in the shower and taking it up the ass, people topping from the bottom, and anything about Kitayama's cute nose. Thanks to yararanger for the beta, and hey, I even turned mine in early this year, which is kind of like a miracle.

Switch Hitter

"More," Yokoo says, leaning back on his hands, endlessly and infuriatingly patient.

"Wattaaaa," Nikaido whines, stalling.


Heaving a huge sigh, cheeks burning, Nikaido hooks his hands behind his knees and pulls them back farther, the stretch of it almost too much before Yokoo hums in approval. He feels exposed and isn't terribly happy about it. "This is embarrassing."

"But it looks so good though," Yokoo chuckles at Nikaido's discomfiture, reaching down to circle the edge of his hole with a teasing finger. Nikaido whines and tries to rock into the touch, but in his awkward position really can't. "Mmm, want something?"

"You're gonna make me do this and then tease?" Nikaido groans. "Seriously?"

"Relax, relax," Yokoo soothes when Nikaido's expression says this isn't going to be playacting in a few more seconds. He starts working the first finger in, drawing Nikaido's attention away from his embarrassment. "Don't you always get what you want in the end?"

"Not funny," Nikaido says, gritting his teeth against the stretch of it when Yokoo adds a second finger. He shivers when Yokoo reaches up with his thumb to stroke just behind his balls. "When I'm on top, I won't tease."

"Oh?" Yokoo asks mildly. "And just when do you expect that to be?"

"I'll wear you down eventually," Nikaido says fiercely, then changes tactics and eyes Yokoo from under lowered lashes. "Because it feels really good, you know. I want to make you feel good too."

"If it feels so good, you shouldn't have any complaints about our arrangement," Yokoo says, and before Nikaido can even frown about that, Yokoo twists his fingers and makes Nikaido cry out.

And it is really good, when Yokoo pushes inside of him, is hot and pulsing, so deep. It makes fire race over Nikaido's skin and weird things spill out of his mouth, makes him grab at Yokoo and dig nails into his back, even if Yokoo makes him stay face-up so that he can see everything. The embarrassment's worth it when Yokoo wraps a lube-slick hand around Nikaido's cock and pulls him off, watching every second of it with lust-dark eyes.

Afterwards, Yokoo's chest warm against Nikaido's back, his arm secure around Nikaido's waist and steady breathing the only noise in the room, Nikaido is satiated but not sleepy. He's still thinking about what Yokoo said earlier, about how Nikaido shouldn’t have any complaints.

It's not that he does, really; Yokoo is a low-key boyfriend generally, with bursts of possession that Nikaido finds entirely pleasing. He has his own place and he never asks Nikaido to do anything he's honestly uncomfortable doing, and as much as Nikaido whines and complains like a brat, Yokoo always takes really good care of him.

Really good," Nikaido thinks to himself, shivering just from the sense memories even the thought stirs up, Yokoo's skin hot against his, strong hands wrapped tight around him… He shakes his head a little, clearing the thoughts away. None of that's the issue.

Nikaido's never asked him directly, not seriously, to top, only mentioned it in passing a few times during sex. He's been getting the feeling, though, given Yokoo's casual brush-off of the topic, that it's not actually an option. If he really does ask and Yokoo says he won't, what happens then? Is it a deal-breaker?

He thinks about it for long minutes, but just goes around in circles. Nikaido doesn't want them to break up over it. He likes Yokoo too much for that, maybe even loves him, or will soon enough. But he knows that he'd try anything Yokoo really wanted, even if he wasn't so much into it himself. Wouldn't Yokoo do the same for him?

He'll have to ask directly, he concludes. But he's too nervous about the answer to do it.

Giving up on thinking about it, Nikaido rolls over and buries his face in Yokoo's chest, wraps arms tight around Yokoo to snuggle as close as he can.

"Hm?" Yokoo asks, only partially awake, but when Nikaido doesn't answer, he squeezes Nikaido back without asking any more questions.

During practice the next day, Nikaido tries to put it out of his mind, but he's still a bit distractible. Senga picks up on it right away and does his best to tease Nikaido out of his mood, which Nikaido appreciates, but the whole day is something of a trying affair, and by the time they get to strip off sweaty clothes and head into the showers, he's exhausted.

Nikaido's trying to let the hot water ease the tension in his shoulders when he hears the curtain rattle behind him.

"Good, make yourself useful, my shoulders are killing me," Nikaido orders, but he goes stiff at the pair of hands that land on his shoulders, the voice that purrs in Nikaido's ears.

"Mm, I'll take care of Nika-chan anytime," Kitayama murmurs. He laughs when Nikaido whirls around and presses himself back against the wall of the shower.

"Out, Kitamitsu," Nikaido says, but an uneasy feeling blooms in his chest when Kitayama only looks him over thoroughly. Nikaido doubts he makes a very threatening picture, butt naked and hair dripping in his eyes. "We already talked about this."

"Don't worry, I know you're Yokoo's plaything now," Kitayama shrugs a shoulder.

"His boyfriend," Nikaido corrects. He takes a breath, trying to calm himself down, knowing Kitayama's just trying for a rise out of him.

"Sure," Kitayama gives in, infuriatingly passive aggressive. "Doesn't mean I can't still look. And it's such a pretty picture." Kitayama drags eyes over Nikaido's skin deliberately, and Nikaido scowls when he shivers in spite of himself. It's also hard to keep from seeing everything Kitayama has on display, damn him. "Mm, but are you sure you aren't interested? I hear Watta isn't meeting all your needs."

"He definitely is!" Nikaido snaps. "Mitsu, I mean it, get—"

"Aaall of them?" Kitayama asks, taking a step closer, not close enough that Nikaido can't escape, but enough to make the hair on his arms prickle. "He isn't letting you top, right?"

"How do you know that?!" Nikaido demands, then shuts his mouth with a snap, furious at himself for confirming Kitayama's guess.

"Leader knows everything," Kitayama purrs, grin sharp. "We were Kis-My-Ft long before you were the dot, remember?" Nikaido glares fiercely, but it only seems to amuse Kitayama more. "He won't switch, you know. But I'm not so picky, and you're so cute when you're flustered like this, Nika-chan." He steps one more step closer, and now Nikaido really is trapped, starting to panic. "You could talk me into it, if you put your mind to it, I bet. I won't tell if you won't~."

He taps Nikaido's chest with one finger, draws it in a slow line down Nikaido's sternum, and that's the last straw.

"WATTA!" Nikaido hollers, loud as he can.

"Really?" Kitayama raises an eyebrow, and he's just opening his mouth to say something else when the curtain behind him is yanked aside with a whoosh.

"Just what is going on in here?" Yokoo asks, voice even but icy enough to make Nikaido shiver despite the hot water.

"Just a little heart-to-heart with Leader," Kitayama says smoothly, backing up a step and brushing by Yokoo like he was on his way out the whole time. He pauses to look up at Yokoo on the way by, though. "Careful you keep him good and entertained," he winks, "or somebody else might just make him a better offer."

He's gone in a swish of curtain, and when Yokoo rounds on Nikaido, Nikaido isn't 100% sure he wasn't safer with Leader after all.

"What's he talking about?" Yokoo demands, but his scary look dissolves when Nikaido takes the two steps forward to wrap arms tight around Yokoo's chest and presses his cheek to Yokoo's skin. Nikaido sighs when a warm palm strokes down his spine. "Nika?"

"Nn," Nikaido shakes his head, not wanting to talk about it, or really even look Yokoo in the face. "Have me, please? I want you."

"Wait a second," Yokoo tries to stop him, but Nikaido is already sliding to his knees, wincing as they settle on the tile. Yokoo's next word cuts off in the middle as Nikaido wraps a hand around him and licks at his tip. It's a bit of a stretch, but Nikaido can manage it, if he's determined enough.

"Slouch a little, can't you?" he demands, fading adrenaline making him cranky. "Help out."

Yokoo does, just enough that Nikaido doesn't have to stretch so high on his knees. He works a hand into Nikaido's hair, not pushing, just holding on, and Nikaido's eyes flutter half-shut. Yokoo's already getting hard under his touch, starting to fill his mouth, and Nikaido loses himself in the feel of it for a bit, teasing at the soft skin of Yokoo's tip with his tongue until Yokoo starts panting above him.

Suddenly Yokoo's hands are hooked under his arms, making Nikaido's eyes pop open, and he's being hauled to his feet and pressed against the wall of the stall. Yokoo's mouth is crushed against his before he can ask any questions, and Nikaido gives in easily, eyes fluttering shut again and wrapping arms up around Yokoo's neck.

Their heights make it awkward, Yokoo's cock pressed against Nikaido's belly while Nikaido's digs into Yokoo's leg. Murmuring for Nikaido to hold on tight, Yokoo reaches down to hitch him up by the thighs, the wall taking enough of Nikaido's weight that Yokoo can line them up properly.

"Don't take too long," Yokoo warns as he wraps a hand around both of them together, putting his long fingers to good use. Nikaido just clings more tightly to Yokoo's neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses to whatever bits Yokoo's shower-slick skin he can reach.

It isn't long before Nikaido does reach his limit, nerves tightly wound before Yokoo even laid a hand on him, and when Yokoo asks "Come for me?" Nikaido does, muffling his groan against Yokoo's shoulder.

Yokoo lets Nikaido slide back to his feet, legs shaky but caught securely still between Yokoo and the wall. Yokoo only takes a minute longer to finish himself off with short, sharp strokes, Nikaido shivering at the warmth of Yokoo streaking his stomach. They both lean against each other panting a few moments more, until Yokoo reaches over to turn the water off.

"Now will you tell me what that was about?" Yokoo asks again, tipping Nikaido's chin up with two fingers so that he can't look away.

Nikaido just gives in. "He knows that you won't switch for me."

"Ah," is all that Yokoo says, gathering Nikaido close in a tight hug, and Nikaido clings as closely as he can until Yokoo eventually says they should dry off if they want any chance at fending off A.B.C-Z's communal cold.

They don't talk about it for a few days after that, and Nikaido assumes the topic is closed. Strangely, he decides he doesn't care so much after all, or maybe he was just sick of worrying about it. They do plenty of other things together, so if it's for Yokoo, Nikaido can give up this one thing. It isn't like he could switch if he were dating a girl or something, he tells himself, and then puts it out of his mind.

So he's more than a little shocked when he hears the click of Yokoo's door swinging open just as Yokoo's tumbled him into bed.

"We're in here!" Yokoo calls, making Nikaido's eyes go even wider as he blinks up at Yokoo from his back.

"Aha," Kitayama says when he appears in the doorway. "Leader's perfect timing strikes again."

"Oi!" Nikaido snaps, glancing between the two of them. He shoves at Yokoo's chest. "What the hell?"

"Well," Yokoo's expression doesn't change that much, but Nikaido thinks he can see a bit of chagrin in Yokoo's eyes, "I know you want things I don't sometimes, so," a grin flickers at the edge of his mouth, "I've brought you a little plaything."

"Hey," Kitayama warns at Yokoo's lilt on the word "little," and Nikaido is torn between laughing at Kitayama's expense and giving Yokoo grief over not discussing this with him.

"You should have told me," he settles for grumbling. The whole idea isn't sitting well with him just yet. "It's fine, though, I told you. Even if we never do that…just Watta's enough for me."

Yokoo smiles, looking so pleased it makes even Nikaido's chest flash warm. "I'm glad to hear it. That's why I don't mind so much if you wear yourself out over this idiot for a bit first."

"Are you two quite done talking about me?" Kitayama wants to know. Yokoo rolls off of Nikaido onto his own back and they find Kitayama standing at the end of the bed, arms crossed, looking oh-so-bored. "I know I'm great and all, but…"

"Maybe not quite done," Yokoo says, catching Nikaido's eye out of the corner of his own and then looking Kitayama up and down like he's debating whether a new piece of furniture matches his drapes. "Hm, his proportions are a bit off, but gosh, he does have such a cute little nose."

"I think his selling point is more his ass, personally," Nikaido replies, and both of them are cracking up at themselves when Kitayama narrows his eyes and throws himself into bed between them, careless of elbows and knees.

"You know, maybe just a nap is fine," Kitayama says, yawning ostentatiously and closing his eyes. Nikaido stifles his giggles and looks up at Yokoo.

Yokoo just shrugs and gestures with his hand at Kitayama's sprawl. He's your problem now.

"Hm, well, if he's my new toy," Nikaido says, sitting up on his knees, "I guess I'd better check out all the features." He smoothes a hand down Kitayama's chest, humming at the warmth of his skin under his T-shirt, then draws it back up to thumb at one of Kitayama's nipples until Kitayama cracks one eye open.

"That all you got?" He yawns again. "I'm hardly going to roll over just for that."

"Who says I want you to roll over?" Nikaido asks, which makes Kitayama's other eye open as well just as Nikaido shifts down to go for his belt buckle.

The jeans aren't too much of a struggle to pull off even with Kitayama's lazy non-compliance, but Nikaido pauses a moment when confronted with Kitayama's sushi-patterned boxers.

"Mitsu, how do you ever expect any of us to take you seriously?" Yokoo comments after a long second. The sushi have little happy faces, and Nikaido's fingers twitch with the desire to mail Senga about this. And SMAP. And everybody.

"Fujigaya covers his ass in leopard print and you take him seriously enough," Kitayama retorts. He stretches, making his T-shirt ride up to bare a pale strip of his stomach and a tempting dark trail of hair. "You need some instructions or something down there?"

Rolling his eyes, Nikaido strips off the boxers as well and tosses them out of eyesight, then stands up to kick off his own jeans and T-shirt. He isn't amused when he shakes his hair back out of his eyes to find Kitayama's mouth pressed against Yokoo's, Yokoo not leaning the whole way into it, but not exactly fending him off either. "Oi!"

"Hm?" Kitayama pulls away to eye Nikaido, eyes glimmering with amusement. "Well, you didn't seem to have any interest in anything up here, so I thought I'd entertain myself."

"Shirt off, you," Nikaido growls, climbing back on the bed, settling on top of Kitayama's thighs. "And you," he rounds on Yokoo with a sharp look, "keep your hands busy taking your own clothes off a minute, geez."

"Yes, sir," Yokoo answers with a lazy salute. Nikaido favors him with one more warning look before he turns back to Kitayama, tossing his shirt aside.

Kitayama's skin is hot against his as he Nikaido drapes himself over him, chest to chest and hip to hip. As much as he loves how Yokoo feels against him, there's something to be said for rubbing up against somebody much closer to your own height, all the pieces properly aligned with no effort. Nikaido hums at the sensation, then rolls his body against Kitayama's just for the fun of it.

Kitayama leans up to kiss Nikaido, the only part he seems interested expending energy for, and Nikaido can see why. Kitayama is an awesome kisser, clinging and thorough, licking at Nikaido's lips until he opens up for him, tongue rubbing teasingly all along Nikaido's tongue and palate until Nikaido feels like he's on fire from it, lips tingling and hands dragging through Kitayama's hair mindlessly.

When Nikaido pulls back, he's breathing heavily and flushed, and he realizes he's been circling their hips together without knowing it, Kitayama's cock hard against his own.

"Sure you're even gonna make it inside me?" Kitayama asks, then laughs darkly when Nikaido pinches one of his nipples. "All that from just a kiss, tut tut. Watta, what have you been doing with him?"

"Don't think I wouldn't show you," Yokoo growls, "if I hadn't already promised Nika his turn. I suppose there's always second round though, if you feel like running your mouth the whole time."

"Could give me something else to do with it?" Kitayama suggests, eyes flicking down to make his meaning clear.

Yokoo looks over at Nikaido for a moment, and Nikaido realizes Yokoo's waiting for his okay to let Kitayama suck him off. He nods.

"It's okay," he agrees. He eyes Kitayama's cheeky grin. "Maybe it's best to keep his mouth occupied."

"You don't know the half of it," Yokoo says, shifting up, then humming a little to himself when he gets close enough for Kitayama to suck the first few centimeters of Yokoo's cock into his mouth.

Nikaido keeps half an eye on them as he goes for the lube and condoms in the bedside table, shivering at the sight of somebody else's mouth wrapped around his boyfriend's cock. But he has to admit, the view is a lot better than when he does it himself, and all the hotter for it.

Surprisingly, when he taps Kitayama's thigh, Kitayama spreads his legs easily for Nikaido to settle in between them. Nikaido just strokes fingers down the inside of Kitayama's thighs gently for a second, like Yokoo does to him, letting Kitayama know where his hands are, enjoying the way Kitayama's thighs feel strong from dance and skating, the smoothness of the soft skin under his hands.

He lets two fingertips brush the puckered edge of Kitayama's hole and Kitayama shifts up into the touch the tiniest bit, legs falling open even wider.

"See why I like looking so much?" Yokoo asks, voice low. Nikaido's cheeks burn at the memory of Yokoo doing this to him, but he nods. It is appealing, Kitayama spread out just for him, waiting, and Kitayama seems a lot more shameless about it than Nikaido ever feels, so he supposes he ought to enjoy it.

"Feels weird," Nikaido says, working the tip of his finger barely inside, feeling the muscle squeeze tight around it. He's touched himself, a little just to explore, but doing it to someone else so deliberately is strange, like the first time he ever jerked somebody else off.

"Should see what it feels like on your tongue," Yokoo suggests, and Nikaido pulls his hand away, face burning. "Fuck, okay," Yokoo hisses in response to whatever Kitayama is doing to him. "No more suggestions, geez. Nika-chan, I'd get on with it, this guy feels awfully impatient."

Drizzling lube over himself and Kitayama, Nikaido is surprised to find that Kitayama takes one finger easily right away, and two without hardly any more trouble. He takes his time exploring, Kitayama hot and velvety around his fingers, until Kitayama is pushing down against his hand pointedly. The third finger takes a little more work, but when Nikaido curls them, Kitayama gives a moan that makes Yokoo fist his hand in the sheets.

"Okay, I'm getting out of this line of fire," Yokoo says, grunting as Kitayama's mouth slides off of him with a wet pop. He doesn't go far though, settling against the pillows for a good view and wrapping a hand around himself to stroke slowly.

"How do you want me?" Kitayama asks, and Nikaido thinks about it. He could have Kitayama roll over and he'd get better leverage out of it, but it seems more appealing to think about getting Kitayama's legs over his shoulders, to watch him get himself off. It's entirely clear, all of a sudden, why Yokoo has him like this so often.

"Like this," he says out loud, sitting up on his knees and tearing open a condom to roll it on.

"Excellent." Kitayama stretches out just that much more bonelessly, obviously planning to not do a single iota of work. He lifts a leg in invitation. "Come on, then."

Ducking under Kitayama's leg to let it settle on his shoulder, Nikaido groans a long note as he pushes inside him. Kitayama squeezes around him, tight and hot and so perfect, and when he's the whole way in he has to take a few shuddering breaths to get his bearings back before he embarrasses himself right away.

"Mmm," Kitayama murmurs, eyes closed, rocking down against Nikaido just a bit. "Not as long as you, Watta, but it has its charms."

Growling, Nikaido pulls out and slams back in, determined to make Kitayama forget about anybody else except the guy who's fucking him. He loses himself in the feeling of it quickly, though, only aware of the slap of their skin and the drag of Kitayama's body trying to hold him in place when he pulls back to thrust back in. Kitayama's cock is hard and leaking when he thinks to look, curled tight up against his stomach.

"Touch yourself," Nikaido orders. "Get yourself off while I'm fucking you."

To his surprise, Kitayama obeys without argument, one hand coming down to squeeze himself tightly while the other twists in the pillow above his head. Nikaido keeps talking, not sure where the words are spilling out from and hardly in control of them, telling Kitayama to stroke himself faster, take Nikaido's cock deeper, to come all over himself. Kitayama does, back arching and squeezing so tight around Nikaido that he can hardly thrust through it, come splattering the whole way up his chest from the force of Nikaido's thrusts.

It's all Nikaido can take, and he tumbles over the edge right after, burying himself as deeply inside Kitayama as he can before coming himself, arms shaking with the effort of holding himself up while white spots burst behind his eyelids.

He starts to tip over, but strong arms grab him and hold him up, and he peels his eyes open to realize that Yokoo is sitting beside him, tugging him free of Kitayama to collapse against Yokoo's chest instead. "Good?" he asks.

"Yeah, good," Nikaido says, feeling like things are in slow motion. "What about you?"

"Hm, well." Yokoo shifts and Nikaido feels his cock, still hard, digging into the side of his thigh. "Should I wait?"

"No," Nikaido decides, tired but wanting the closeness that sex with Kitayama lacks. "I want you. Mm, can you sit up, though? I don't trust myself…" He's afraid he'll fall asleep if he's on his back, and doesn't have the energy to be on top properly.

Yokoo settles with his back against his headboard, Nikaido wrapping arms around his neck and rocking onto his knees as Yokoo works him open with steady, careful fingers.

"Hey," Nikaido asks idly as he pushes down against Yokoo's fingers, "would you ever use your mouth on me?"

Yokoo swallows the groan, but Nikaido feels it vibrate against his chest anyway. "Next time," Yokoo promises, "definitely. Ready?"

"Yeah, do it," Nikaido says, squeezing tight around Yokoo's fingers to prove his point, and Yokoo chuckles as he pulls them free.

He isn't hard as Yokoo pushes inside, too soon after coming the first time, but it still feels good, Yokoo's arms strong around him and his hands stroking warm over Nikaido's skin, the way Yokoo murmurs encouragement and keeps asking if it's fine.

"Quit worrying about me and take care of yourself already," Nikaido sighs, burying his face in Yokoo's neck. "Aaaah…"

It's slower in that position but more intimate too, and when Yokoo finally does shudder himself out, Nikaido shivers with a sympathetic aftershock. "Mmm, so good."

"Uh-huh," Nikaido agrees, limbs feeling like lead and letting all his weight sag against Yokoo, eyes falling shut. He feels warm all through, limp with satisfaction, no urge to move on his own for the foreseeable future.

"I should let you play with Leader more often, if I get this sort of cooperation out of it," Yokoo says.

"Just once in a while is okay," Nikaido assures. Yokoo's chuckle brushes his cheek, and then he hums happily as Yokoo's mouth covers his in a sweet kiss.

"You two are seriously sickening," Kitayama informs them from somewhere around Yokoo's hip, then squawks when Nikaido opens one eye long enough to swing a hand over and pinch his nose shut.

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