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Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Booty Calls and Other Bright Ideas

Title: Booty Calls and Other Bright Ideas [Nikaido/Senga/Kis-My-Ft2]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. A lot.
Summary: Senga's got too much energy for Nikaido to handle on his own, so they enlist some help from the rest of their unit.
AN: birthday fic for snowqueenofhoth, a couple weeks late but probably not as late as hers was for me. And this turned out ridiculously long anyway, so enjoy. She pitched the idea of NiSen trying out other unit members as playmates and the whole thing sort away from me.

Booty Calls and Other Bright Ideas

“Nika. Ne, Nika. Niiiiika.”

What,” Nikaido demanded, keeping his eyes firmly shut. When the poking continued, though, he gave up and rolled over to glare.

Senga, sitting up and looking perfectly awake despite their late night, was beaming down at him cheerfully. “Hi.”

“You,” Nikaido growled.

“Me,” Senga agreed. He reached down to trail fingertips over Nikaido’s jaw, throat, collarbone, nipple…

“Kenpi,” Nikaido whined softly, even as his eyes fluttered shut. “Again? Why aren’t you ever exhausted?”

“Because you keep doing all the work?” Senga suggested, tweaking Nikaido’s nipple more firmly before pulling his hand back. For a long second, nothing happened, until Nikaido cracked a suspicious eye open and found Senga leaning over him, watching him openly. “I could do all the work,” he purred.

“Liar.” Nikaido let Senga push him onto his back, though, letting his arms flop wide open and grunting when Senga threw a leg over his thighs to straddle him. “You say you will, but you always end up on the bottom.”

“‘Cause you roll me over,” Senga said. He stretched out over top of Nikaido until they were chest-to-chest, close enough to kiss. All Senga did was rub their noses together though, and comb fingers through Nikaido’s sleep-wild hair.

It felt good, Nikaido feeling warm and loved by the time their mouths did meet. Just because he knew Senga was relaxing him on purpose so that he’d be more cooperative, that didn’t mean that Nikaido didn’t enjoy it.

“Please, Nika?” Senga murmured, sure enough, and Nikaido sighed that he could do what he liked.

“I’m not moving, though,” he warned, watching Senga pat down the surrounding area for the lube without making any move to help.

Senga just chuckled. “You always say that. But I don’t mind.” Senga pressed a kiss just below Nikaido’s ear. “Nika can have me any way he wants.”

Nikaido groaned softly, not bothering to force his sleep-heavy eyes back open as Senga worked him hard with familiar hands. He waited until Senga said that he would definitely want to watch the next part, and then opened his eyes just in time to watch Senga slide down onto his cock, Senga already stretched and still slick enough from earlier.

"It's so much easier after the first couple times, right?" Senga asked, voice breathless and low. "Feels so good when you can do it all at once like that." Senga started to roll his hips, digging his knees, thighs strong from stage-thrusting. "Bet it's like that all the time for girls, you think?" Senga added, with a touch of jealousy.

"How the fuck would I know?" Nikaido demanded, preferring to concentrate on the heat of Senga enveloping him, rather than whatever random crap Senga was spouting up there. "You know, when I said I liked it when you talked during sex, ohhh, I meant I like it when you talk about the sex we are actually having. Dammit, go faster, huh?"

"But I like watching you," Senga said, looking Nikaido over deliberately and not speeding up at all. He squeezed tight around Nikaido and laughed when Nikaido cursed and clutched at Senga's hips. "You look so good, Nika, underneath me, hair messed up, mouth wet, and the way you watch me, like I drive you crazy…"

"You are driving me crazy," Nikaido growled, and dammit this was exactly the reason that Nikaido always got fed up and flipped them over, Senga taking for-fucking-ever and talking Nikaido into a frenzy besides. This time was no exception, and Senga didn't bother to hide his pleasure at being rolled suddenly onto his back and re-taken roughly.

"Yesss," he purred into Nikaido's ear, wrapping arms tight around Nikaido's neck, and Nikaido seized his mouth in a possessive kiss, swallowing Senga's moans and pleas. It never took long once Nikaido gained control, and soon enough he drove Senga over the edge with a hand wrapped tight around his cock, spending himself inside Senga only a few breaths later.

"Seriously, if you wake me up one more time, I'm going to kill you," Nikaido mumbled into Senga's hair, already half-asleep. Senga just laughed against Nikaido's chest.


It was not a well-kept secret that Senga had the most energy out of nearly anyone in their unit, not that it was much of a competition in some cases. Senga had always been last to stop dancing and first back from a break, the person who would work on a choreography problem the longest, the only person ever to ask Yara if they couldn’t go just a little bit longer, pleeease?

“Great job wearing him out, there,” Fujigaya commented to Nikaido during afternoon practice, as they watched Senga pester Miyata about symmetry. Fujigaya’s cute, spiky drama haircut was plastered to his head with sweat, no matter how much he tried to spike it back up with his fingers. “Stamina not quite up to snuff, Nika-chan?”

Nikaido didn’t have enough of his breath back to do anything but glare for the moment, but he let it show in his face that he doubted Fujigaya could hold out half so long as he could.

“I guess I can’t expect any better from kouhai of your quality,” Fujigaya sighed. “Good thing we have Shounen Club this afternoon, so A.B.C-Z can work him over.”

“Work him out,” Yokoo growled in warning, eyeing the costuming girls lurking a little too closely to their conversation.

“Sure, that,” Fujigaya waved his water bottle vaguely.

“He was right the first time,” Nikaido panted, then grunted when Yokoo whacked him with his bunched-up towel.

He was right, actually, because Senga spent the afternoon bouncing from joking around with Nikaido to doing tumbling with Tsukada to leading a Fresh Junior choreo refresher with Hikaru to getting chased out of the guests’ ready room with Hashimoto, both of them bright-eyed and pink-cheeked from giggling. By the time they were packing up to go, Senga plopped down on the locker room bench next to Nikaido with a content sigh, then leaned his cheek cutely onto Nikaido’s shoulder.

"Finally," Nikaido said, reaching up to scrunch Senga's hair. Senga hummed happily. "Does it really take so many people to wear you out? Geez, maybe we should try that in bed, before you kill me."


In the middle of the night, Nikaido was shaken awake to find, as usual, Senga looming over him. The difference was that this time he looked nervous and hopeful rather than seductive.

"Hey, what you said in the locker room…" Senga pressed his lips together for a second, like he wasn't sure he should go on. "You were just kidding, right? You didn't really mean we could…"

"Wha?" Nikaido grunted, scrubbing at his eyes.

"…with other people…ah, never mind!" Senga shook his head, pasting on an entirely fake grin. "Just kidding, just kidding!"

"Whoa," Nikaido sat up, trying to clear his head enough to think, "quit that. We could talk about it, at least?"

"Could we?" Senga's fake grin dropped away, which was an improvement, but it left just the nervousness behind. "But you don't want to, huh. I'm sorry."

"For what?" Nikaido scooted closer, pressing their shoulders together.

"That I'm so…" Senga waved his hands a little, helplessly. "That I need so much from you, that I wear you out. I'm a jerk for even asking for that kind of stuff."

"You didn't ask, I suggested it," Nikaido said. "Even if I was sort of kidding. You're not a jerk, and I love it when you're energetic. I even like it when you wake me up in the middle of the night, because you can't wait, right? But maybe it would be nice, sometimes, if I had a little help."

"You really don't have to," Senga said, looking Nikaido square in the eye as if trying to read him as deeply as possible. "Just Nika is enough, definitely, so if you don't want to, really, just say."

Nikaido took a deep breath and let it out through his nose, thinking about it. He felt possessive just thinking about watching Senga with somebody else. But if he was right there, that wouldn't be much different than when they use toys on each other, would it? Like when he fucked Senga with the dildo so that he could last longer. If it were something that they were sharing, he could maybe do that.

"I…I think we can try," he finally said. He offered Senga a smile that was nervous, but real. "I'm not sure I'll be able to go the whole way through with it, but no telling if we don't even try, right?"

The way Senga looked back at him in utter adoration, that was for sure worth at least a try.


Nikaido laid down a few ground rules, which Senga agreed to without question. It had to be someone they trusted, someone they were both comfortable with. After brief consideration, they realized it would almost certainly have to be someone in their group, a matter of accessibility if nothing else.

They decided to try Kitayama first, knowing he was dependable enough to keep it a secret if it turned out badly and wouldn't be weird about it. Also he had his own apartment, and they were pretty sure, given the whole hotel bathtub sharing, that he was probably open to threesomes. Besides, it was easy enough to convince him to take a pair of his adorable kouhai out for dinner, and if they happened to end up back at Leader's place afterwards, who would think they were up to anything?

"You two are definitely up to something," Kitayama said, eyeing the pair of them on his couch, and the empty space they had conspicuously left in between themselves.

"Us?" Nikaido asked, Senga blinking up at Kitayama innocently.

"I'm not letting you two do it in my bed," Kitayama informed them as he plopped himself down in the space between them.

Nikaido caught eyes with Senga on Kitayama's other side, swallowing a laugh at how Kitayama was so close but not quite on target. Senga looked just as amused, before he threw an arm over Kitayama's chest and snuggled close.

"Aw, really?" Senga asked, voice coaxing. "Even if we let you play too?"

"Say what now?" Kitayama raised an eyebrow. He turned his head enough to look Nikaido over. "And you're okay with that?"

Rather than answer, Nikaido leaned in to press his mouth against Kitayama's, hoping it was coming across more confident than he felt. A second later he stopped worrying about it, or anything, as Kitayama started kissing back, lips rubbing against his and noses brushing.

"Whoa," Senga said as the kiss broke, and Nikaido's eyes fluttered back open to see Kitayama looking him over closely. "That's hot. Me too!"

"What—" Kitayama managed before Senga put a hand on his cheek to turn Kitayama's face towards him, and then stole a kiss of his own. It was hot, Senga's eyelashes fluttering and the slide of their mouths against each other, and even if sparks of jealousy lit in Nikaido's chest watching someone else kiss his boyfriend, it was already tangled up in the warmth washing through him from Kitayama's kiss.

"Okay?" Senga asked, leaning back enough to see Kitayama's reaction.

"Swear on Michael Jackson's grave that neither one of you has a TakiCHANnel camera," Kitayama said, eyes narrow.

"Leader!" Senga protested, squirming, but gave in right away when Kitayama opened his mouth. "Okay, okay, I swear! It's not a prank or anything. We just…you know, want you. Right?"

"Yeah," Nikaido said, starting to warm up to the idea now. "So say it's okay, and come on already."

There was a pause long enough to make Nikaido worry that Kitayama really would say no, but then he shook his head with an, "Honestly, you two," and got up to lead the way to his bed.

Senga did a lot of the work, tugging off their clothes and pushing them into complimentary positions, while Nikaido and Kitayama shared bemused looks. The amusement faded as soon as Senga got serious about exploring Kitayama, searching out sensitive spots with clever fingers and dragging lips over Kitayama's neck and collarbones. Nikaido curled up along Kitayama's side, just enjoying the heat of Senga and Kitayama's skin against his own for the moment, stroking a hand through Senga's hair and down his spine.

When Senga moved lower to lick at Kitayama's stomach, Nikaido took advantage of the opening to steal another kiss.

"Hmm," Kitayama's voice tickled Nikaido's lips, "I was starting to wonder if you were gonna do anything besides watch. But I guess I can see the appeal. Ken-chan does like to keep himself busy."

"You shouldn't interrupt him either," Nikaido advised. "Mmm," he hummed into Kitayama's mouth when Kitayama curled an arm around Nikaido's back and started running fingers down his skin.

"Quit talking about me," Senga said, although he didn't sound very put out about it.

Kitayama ignored him anyway. "So tell me, if the pair of you talked about this, as you obviously did, why are you just watching while I have my way with your cute little Kenpi?"

"You haven't had your way with anybody yet." Nikaido shrugged a shoulder, glancing down towards Senga. "Right, Kenpi?"

"Exactly!" Senga agreed. "So let's go here, huh?"

Not that Kitayama did a ton of the work, but he coaxed Senga into straddling his waist and helped work him open with strong, steady fingers when Senga complained that doing it himself made his wrist hurt and wasn't any fun. Not much later, those same fingers were curled around Senga's thighs to keep him from dropping down onto Kitayama's cock too fast and hurting himself.

"So impatient," Nikaido murmured, still just curled up against Kitayama's side and enjoying the view more than a little. Now that he could concentrate without being overwhelmed himself, he couldn't tear his eyes away from Senga's dark eyes or flushed skin, or the way he was sliding down onto Kitayama's cock, so teasingly slow. "Damn, that really is hot."

"Mm, really?" Senga asked, momentarily distracted from Kitayama underneath him, or at least dividing his attention. "You think so?"

"Sounds like he wants you to talk," Kitayama put in, voice half an octave lower than usual. He rolled his hips up to bury himself the rest of the way inside Senga in a smooth push, making Senga's words cut off with a gasp. "Since he'll be busy gasping for air, you think you can pick up the slack, Nika-chan?"

Nikaido flushed dark himself, dirty talk somehow more embarrassing in front of a third person, but he'd be damned if he lost to Kitayama. "Obviously! I should know how to get Kenpi all worked up better than you, at any rate."

"Whoa, wait wait," Senga protested, eyes wide, but as promised, Kitayama's next thrust made him squeak, and he didn't let up after that.

"You look so good," Nikaido said, not exactly ignoring Kitayama, but his words were all for Senga. "Riding him, blush spreading the whole way down. So cute, I totally want to kiss you everywhere that pink goes."

"N-nika!" Senga managed, blushing all the harder, but his eyes had a definite glitter to them underneath his heavy eyelids. Maybe Kitayama was onto something with this talking thing after all.

"Watching you coming down onto his dick like you really want it," Nikaido went on, warming up, "makes it so I can hardly wait to fuck you, 'cause I know exactly how hot you are inside, how tight and slick…"

"Goddamn," Kitayama cursed in approval, and then again when Nikaido reached over to wrap a hand around Senga's cock. Senga groaned, eyes squeezing shut when Nikaido started stroking roughly, in time with Kitayama's thrusts.

"Don't!" Senga panted. "Q-quit it, I'm gonna—"

"Come all over Kitamitsu?" Nikaido pushed up on one elbow for the best view, eyes flicking between Senga's face and his cock sliding through the tight circle of his fingers. "Good, 'cause that's exactly what I want to see. You're really close, right? You're dripping all over my fingers already. I bet he wants to see it too. Should I make you come for him?"

"Don't hold back on my account," Kitayama grunted.

"Aaah!" Senga gave in, getting streaks of white nearly all the way up Kitayama's stomach as he shivered himself out.

"Worth watching, right?" Nikaido asked, pulling his hand away to lick the space between his thumb and fingers.

"No shit," Kitayama answered, pace slowing. "Should I…?"

"No, I'm okay," Senga insisted, voice shaky but leaning forward to brace his hands on Kitayama's shoulders. "Feels good, so take your time."

Kitayama took Senga at his word, not taking forever, but enjoying himself long enough that Nikaido was fidgeting impatiently by the time Kitayama came as well, and Senga was mostly hard again.

Senga leaned in to kiss Kitayama sweetly for a few seconds as he came down, then rolled off to wedge himself onto the bed between them. Settling on his back, and grinned up at Nikaido, skin flushed and eyes dark, and held out arms in obvious invitation.

"I want you," he said, and that was all he had to say before Nikaido was rolling over on top of him, Senga humming in pleasure at Nikaido's weight pushing him down in the mattress.

Nikaido smoothed Senga's sweat-damp hair back from his face, fingers trembling from holding back for so long. "I want you too," he assured, then kissed Senga roughly before Senga could answer.

It was so different than usual to push inside of Senga, so much easier, Senga's body seeming to draw him in even before Senga hooked a leg around his waist to pull him in closer. They were still kissing, as much as they could manage while struggling to breathe, Nikaido fighting to keep his eyes open to watch, even as pleasure forced them shut every time he thrust.

"Won't last," he warned, the heat of Senga around his cock almost too much already.

"Me either," Senga sighed, arms tight around Nikaido's neck, cock pressed tightly enough against Nikaido's stomach that he could feel how the tip was wet. "But a bit longer, okay? Don't stop."

Nikaido held out as long as he could, but soon enough he had to free one of his hands to work between them, jerking off Senga so that he didn't get left behind. Senga gave a telltale stutter of Nikaido's name, and Nikaido knew it was safe to let go of his control and come right along with him before collapsing onto Senga's chest.

"Worth paying for dinner definitely," Nikaido heard Kitayama's voice. "But back to my original question."

Cracking an eye open, Nikaido found Kitayama rolled onto his side, eyeing the pair of them with amusement. He slid off of Senga as gently as he could so he wasn't crushing him, and by unspoken agreement both he and Kitayama edged in close enough that Senga was tucked safely between them.

Senga, to Nikaido's surprise, had his eyes closed and didn't respond other than to relax more fully against their bodyheat. If he wasn't the whole way asleep, he wasn't far from it. Nikaido dared hope he might actually get a full night's rest, for once.

"It just…takes a lot of energy to keep up with him," Nikaido said, halting at first, but soon enough he had explained to Kitayama about the constant midnight booty call wake-ups, and his chance comment after Shokura practice.

"Huh," was Kitayama's only response. Nikaido had been half-afraid that Kitayama would call them weird for even trying it, but mostly Kitayama just looked like it made as much sense as anything else they did, maybe more. "You know, though, if you really want to tire him out properly…"

"Yeah?" Nikaido asked when Kitayama let that dangle.

"Fujigaya would make him do all the work," Kitayama grinned sharply. "That lazy son-of-a-bitch barely lifts a finger for his precious Tsubasa-nii, he sure won't do it for you guys."

That, Nikaido was forced to admit, was a really good point.


It had to wait for a hotel with Fujigaya, since they didn't want an audience made out of Fujigaya siblings, and they had to bribe Kitayama with cute kouhai pouts and promises of all the juicy details for him to coax Yokoo out of the room. Still, it was entirely worth it when they had Fujigaya trapped between them, Nikaido pressed against his back and Senga rubbing suggestively against his front.

"You know," Nikaido drew in a long breath with his nose pressed against the back of Fujigaya's neck, the bare skin still smelling faintly of concert sweat, "I really like the shorter haircut."

He darted his tongue out to taste salt on Fujigaya's skin, and Fujigaya shivered between them.

"Are you two trying to use me as some sort of sex toy?" Fujigaya wanted to know. Nikaido chuckled at how quickly Fujigaya had caught on. Fujigaya squeaked suddenly, making Nikaido wish that he had a better view of whatever Senga was doing on the other side.

"Trying implies that we aren't succeeding," Nikaido said, running fingers up Fujigaya's sides and making him hiss through his teeth.

"Somebody had better be sucking, all right," Fujigaya grumbled.

He really didn't take that much coaxing, though, once Senga stretched out on his back and said that whatever senpai wanted to do to him was fine. Fujigaya was surprisingly thorough coaxing Senga to open up for him, but then again Senga always gave a show worth watching, back arched and fingers twisted in the sheets, eyes wide and pleading.

It always made Nikaido want to do it slowly, that was for sure.

Nikaido had spent most of that curled up against Senga's side, just enjoying the show and running teasing fingers over Senga's skin. Senga had tried to pull him down for a kiss, but Nikaido had only let him sneak a couple, because as nice as kissing Senga felt, it also muffled the cute, desperate noises he was making. Nikaido hadn't planned on being much more than a spectator at first, any more than he had been with Kitayama.

So he was a little surprised when Fujigaya looked up and asked drolly, "Are you planning to get this show on the road or what?"

"Eh?" Nikaido asked. Was he supposed to be doing something?

Fujigaya rolled his eyes. "You wanted me in the middle, right? I mean, you had to know I wasn't doing any of the work, seriously."

A wave of heat rolled over Nikaido as he figured out what Fujigaya had in mind. He crawled down to Fujigaya's end of the bed and took the lube from him, doing his best to ignore Senga's whine at being deserted.

"Oh, shush, you're getting more attention than anybody," Fujigaya scolded, then added, "Aaah," as Nikaido pushed in with the first finger.

Nikaido didn't spend nearly as much time on Fujigaya as Fujigaya had on Senga. It wasn't that Fujigaya was any easier for it, but he pushed back against Nikaido's fingers and kept nagging at him to hurry, telling him another was fine even when that was plainly not true. If Senga was saying that sort of thing, Nikaido definitely wouldn't let him get away with it, but if Fujigaya wanted to go before he was really ready, who was Nikaido to argue?

It was kind of hot even, being able to be a little rougher than usual, and when Nikaido reached around to tug Fujigaya's cock with his free hand, he was hard as a rock, so he must have been enjoying himself.

"Please," Senga interrupted, and Fujigaya answered, "Yeah, okay, enough already." Nikaido couldn't see properly, but the breathless moan Senga gave must have meant that Fujigaya was pushing into him. "Nika-chan?"

Fujigaya was still tight enough that Nikaido had to work for it, but that just made it better, the way he had to lean into it and push with little thrusts, the way Fujigaya squeezed just this side of too tight around him and made a noise every time he moved. Finally he was the whole way in and paused there to catch his breath, waiting for whatever Fujigaya was going to do.

"Move already!" Senga pleaded underneath.

"Tell it to your boyfriend," Fujigaya said, and Nikaido snorted a laugh when he realized that Fujigaya intended to do exactly no work at all. Fujigaya twisted his neck to look back at Nikaido. "So? Are you gonna fuck him, or what?"

Nikaido stole a kiss while Fujigaya's mouth was reasonably convenient, then tightened his grip on Fujigaya's hips and planted his knees more firmly. He drew out nearly the whole way and slammed back in, making some noise himself at the way Fujigaya's body gripped him. Fujigaya moaned approval and arched his back, and Nikaido didn't hold back from licking and nibbling at the temptingly near skin of Fujigaya's back.

It took a lot more force than usual to push Fujigaya down onto Senga, though, enough that Nikaido's thighs started to burn after only a few minutes. "Can't you help out a little?" he growled.

Fujigaya just laughed, but then Senga said, "I bet I can."

Nikaido felt the difference as soon as Senga started pushing up in rhythm with Nikaido's thrusts down, and heard it too, since Fujigaya started to curse just as immediately.

"Guess I'm doing it right," Senga laughed, prompting another growled batch of curses from Fujigaya. "How long do you think you can keep it up, Taipi?"

"Oh shit," Nikaido chuckled, recognizing Senga gearing up to talk, "now it's on."

"Longer than you, brat," Fujigaya retorted.

"But Nika feels so good inside you, right?" Senga asked, and Nikaido had to go back to nibbling Fujigaya's spine to keep from laughing out loud. "Long, like his fingers, mm, so he gets so deep inside you…do I feel really good too? You feel a lot different than Nika inside me, but it's still hot…"

"You son of a bitch," Fujigaya swore, and Nikaido could feel the telltale shiver all along Fujigaya's back right before he started coming. There was a yelp from Senga as Nikaido thrust as hard as he could make his tired legs go, and then Fujigaya slumped even more uselessly between them, if that were even possible.

"You bit me!" Senga complained, voice muffled against Fujigaya's shoulder. "And not in the fun way, either!"

"Serves you right, brat." Fujigaya stretched, but didn’t go very far, other than trying to elbow Nikaido. "Oof. Get off, you're heavy as hell."

Nikaido sat up onto his knees and helped Senga roll Fujigaya off to the side. Fujigaya landed in a grumbling heap, but only bothered to change position enough to be able to see what was going on beside him.

"Nikaaa," Senga whined, holding out his arms to Nikaido right away, cock flushed and heavy against his stomach. Nikaido wasn't planning to make him wait, but there was one thing that had to be done first: he leaned down to press his teeth over the mark Fujigaya had left on Senga's shoulder. "Ow! Nika!"

"Sorry," Nikaido laughed, licking the bruised skin to soothe it. "But I can't have you going around with Taipi's toothmarks all over you, can I? You belong to me."

"Seriously, just fuck me already," Senga said, but his mouth was twitching into a grin at the corners, and his arms were already tight around Nikaido's neck. Nikaido dropped a hand to line himself up and pushed in, groaning approval at how easily Senga's body let him in.

There was one problem, though. Two thrusts later, Nikaido's already-abused thighs were already shaking, and there was no way he was going to be able to keep it up satisfactorily.

Fujigaya just cackled, no remorse. "You two are hilarious, you know? No wonder you need help if that's all you've got."

"Fuck you, you know this is your fault," Nikaido growled, but it wasn't like he had a ready solution. "Kenpi…"

"Relax, I got it," Senga said. "We can just switch, right? And this time you'll have to watch the whole way to the end."

Sitting up, Senga pushed Nikaido back down into his spot, and then climbed on top of him. On top of not doing any of the work, it meant Nikaido got to feel Senga sliding down onto his cock again, and could even watch it that time.

"Damn, that looks so good," he said, hands settling on Senga's thighs and enjoying the feel of Senga's dance-strong muscles flexing under his hands. For once, Senga didn't take it slow, didn't tease, apparently fed up with waiting.

"Can you push up into it?" Senga asked breathlessly, and when Nikaido dug in his heels and complied, he was rewarded with a sweet groan of his name. "Yeah, just…just like that. If you come before me, mmm, I'm going to kill you."

Nikaido solved that problem by letting go of one of Senga's thighs to palm his cock instead, fisting him at the same time as he pushed up with his hips, and it was only a few stuttered curse words later that Senga spilled hot over his hand and stomach. Nikaido was only to happy to give in just after that, Senga's weight clinging and pressing him down into the mattress as his vision went fuzzy.

Senga was also sweating all over him, but the only person who cared about that was Fujigaya.

"Ew, just stay over there," was Fujigaya's comment. He expended enough energy to try and reach for his phone over the side of the bed, but it was half a meter too far to his pants, and he gave up immediately, letting his arm just dangle. "It's gross over here too, actually. One of you go get stuff to clean us up."

"Forget that," Nikaido snorted, totally at peace with Senga's sweat and whatever else. It wasn't like it was any different than at concerts. Just less fangirls and uchiwa. Actually he wouldn't mind an uchiwa or two celebrating his sexual prowess.

"Useless." Fujigaya let his eyes close. "What we need is Watta, he's always good for clean-up at the end."

Senga's eyes popped open to meet Nikaido's, and Nikaido knew they were both thinking the same thing.


"What exactly is this about?" Yokoo asked when he opened his door to find Nikaido and Senga, laden with takeout and beer.

"Dinner and a show?" Nikaido suggested, and Senga did a little shimmy.

"Get in here," Yokoo tsked, "before my neighbors see you."

It was best to be up front when you wanted something from Yokoo, Nikaido had learned over years of borrowing his hairspray and allergy medicine, so by the time they were picking at the remains of dinner they had explained more or less everything. Nikaido was getting pretty good at the explanation, even, although on the third go-round that was probably to be expected.

Yokoo chewed slowly, eyeing them. "Neither one of you thinks this is weird?"

"Well," Senga squirmed a little, "it's my fault, isn't it? Now that we're so busy all the time, I can't keep wearing Nika out…it is weird, isn't it."

"Yeah, a bit." Yokoo finally set down his container of rice, having eaten nearly as much as Senga and Nikaido combined as usual. "Kitayama and Taisuke?"

"Not at the same time!" Senga made a face, then laughed. "That really would be weird!"

"Taipi was suuuper lazy," Nikaido said. "I ended up doing more work than anybody! Useless."

"You liked it," Senga dismissed Nikaido's complaints. "But Taipi said that Watta was best for taking care of you at the end, so here we are!" He beamed at Yokoo.

"Don't say 'so here we are' like that conclusion was obvious." Yokoo shook his head with a sigh. "Help clean up, you two."

Leftovers packed neatly in their container and tucked into Yokoo's fridge, empty cans in the recycling, Yokoo leaned on the counter and gave a little sigh. When he looked them over again, Nikaido could tell that Yokoo had made a decision.

"Promise me you won't do this with anyone outside the group," he said.

"Geez, do you think we're going to organize a Snow Man orgy or something?" Nikaido asked, then grunted as Senga elbowed him sharply.

"We swear," Senga said earnestly. "We wouldn't do this kind of thing with just anybody, Watta. We know better than that."

"Says the pair of geniuses who thought Taisuke would do any of the work," Yokoo said, half to himself. Then he shook his head. "All right."

"Yay!" Senga cheered, looking so pleased that Nikaido had to laugh. Even Yokoo chuckled, before Senga stood up on his toes to kiss him sweetly. He had probably meant it to be quick, but Yokoo wrapped an arm around his waist and took his time about it, thorough in all things.

After a minute, Nikaido leaned into Yokoo's other side, vying for attention. "Hey, my turn!"

"Yes, yes," Yokoo murmured as he let a somewhat-dazed Senga slide back down until his feet were flat on the floor again. He collected his kiss from Nikaido without further ado, and Nikaido melted into it readily, not minding at all if Yokoo wanted to be in charge. Yokoo licked at his lower lip, and Nikaido let his mouth fall open with a soft noise that never hit the air.

The kiss broke eventually, and Nikaido felt just as dazed as Senga had looked. When he blinked his eyes clear, Senga was grinning at him, looking perfectly pleased to be tucked under Yokoo's arm, cheek pressed against Yokoo's chest.

"We totally should have asked Watta first," Senga said in a mock-whisper.

"Uh, obviously," Nikaido answered.

"Cute, you two," Yokoo said, shaking his head. "Bath first? Or after?"

"Hmm…" Nikaido eyed Senga, and Yokoo followed his gaze.

"Both, huh?" he asked, voice saying he already knew the answer.



In reality the bath was an excellent idea. Nikaido and Senga fell easily into their usual routine of washing each other's backs, familiar and casually intimate, the closeness of the space and Yokoo's occasional touches adding an edge of anticipation. The hot water of the bath and the skinship of being tucked between Senga and Yokoo made Nikaido feel safe and happy, generous with his affections.

By the time they were dried off enough that Yokoo would let them into his bed, Nikaido collapsed onto the sheets, relaxed enough to sleep there for a week. Yokoo's sheets smelled clean and felt so soft against his bare skin that Nikaido couldn't resist wriggling against them, enjoying himself.

A few seconds later, he realized that he was the only one enjoying them, and cracked an eye to find Yokoo and Senga just watching him, both of them openly amused.

"Cute, right?" Senga asked, winking when he caught Nikaido looking. "Sometimes I do laundry just before he comes over just to watch him do that."

"Adorable." Yokoo's grin was sharp, his gaze equally so as he ran it over Nikaido from head to toe. "Nika-chan, I could just eat you up."

"Oi, get down here!" Nikaido said, his wriggling now because of embarrassment. But the sheets felt just as good either way.

Yokoo took charge easily enough, which Nikaido also enjoyed, all the more for their experience with Fujigaya. He didn't even mind watching Yokoo stretch out over top of Senga for another batch of lazy kisses, relaxed enough to wait for his own turn. Now that he was used to sharing, he could enjoy how hot it was to watch Senga make out with somebody, even if the somebody wasn't him.

Because Senga always got so into it, eyes closed, one arm curled tight around Yokoo's neck and the other hand dragging down Yokoo's spine, using his flexibility to follow Yokoo up every time Yokoo eased back to breathe. Once in a while his eyes would flutter open, just long enough to show how dark they were underneath heavy eyelids, before they slid shut again.

When Yokoo started trailing kisses down his neck, Senga turned his head to give Yokoo more room and caught eyes with Nikaido next time he happened to open his own. Whatever he saw made him grin lazily.

"You like watching it," he said, and Nikaido shrugged, edging close enough to brush back Senga's hair, still damp from the bath.

"Can't exactly enjoy the view when it's me," Nikaido confessed, making Senga chuckle breathily. It cut off in a low groan when Yokoo grazed teeth over his throat. Nikaido pressed his mouth against Senga's to swallow the next sound, not sure whether it was a groan or more laughter, happy either way.

"Maybe I should be watching you two," Yokoo's voice interrupted, and they both turned their heads to grin at him. He didn't seem like that would be a particular hardship for him. "You sure you need the extra person? Because I could just pull up a chair and—"

"Okay, okay!" Senga laughed, kissing Nikaido's cheek quickly before rolling flat onto his back, giving Yokoo his full attention. "If you gave us directions, we'd follow them, you know. You gonna tell us what you want?"

"That is such a gloriously open-ended offer," Yokoo said, voice almost a growl, dragging fingertips down Senga's ribs light enough to tickle, making him squirm and laugh.

He positioned them so that Nikaido was sitting against the headboard and he was near the end of the bed, Senga on his hands and knees between them. Senga was supposed to be sucking Nikaido off while Yokoo prepped him, but Senga kept sneaking glances up at Nikaido's face, looking anxious.

"What?" Nikaido finally asked, cupping Senga's face and tugging up until his cock slipped from Senga's mouth. "What's that face about? Because you usually don't have any objections about my dick."

"Nika! It's not that," Senga insisted, rolling his eyes. "Like I wouldn't have objected ages ago. I'm worried I'm gonna hurt you when Watta's inside, since it's not like he'll take it easy."

"Wasn't planning on it," Yokoo commented.

"Don't worry about it," Nikaido said, letting go of Senga with one hand to wrap it around the base of his cock. "Wrap your hand around like this so you can't slide down too far, okay? I'll hold on to your shoulders, so just let us push you back and forth, relax into it. Like Taipi, you won't have to do any of the work."

"Oh! That's a really good idea! You…" Senga paused in his praise to eye Nikaido. "…you've been thinking about this, haven't you. There's no way you came up with that just now."

Nikaido shifted a little, gaze dropping to Senga's shoulder. "I maybe watched some…you know, stuff. For ideas."

Senga started laughing, but it was sweet rather than mean. "Why didn't you tell me? Nika you're so dumb. We definitely should watch that stuff together."

"We should…" Nikaido's brain stuttered over that, and it didn't help that Senga went back to licking at the head of his cock, lips still buzzing with laughter.

"I'll take all the hilarity up there to mean that you're good to go," Yokoo spoke up, doing something that made Senga give a full-throated moan before Yokoo tugged his fingers free. Senga took a second to reposition his knees and elbows and then told Yokoo to go for it.

It wasn't the best vantage point, and Senga was too distracted to suck him off properly, but Nikaido could see enough to keep him entertained as Yokoo began to fuck Senga in earnest. He was gripping Senga's hips tightly, and he and Nikaido worked out a steady push-pull between them, so that Senga didn't have to do anything but moan. Yokoo's slow pace from earlier had caught up with Senga, though, and it didn't take long before he was pushing back against Yokoo in obvious demand.

"Please," he pulled his mouth off of Nikaido's cock to beg, "Watta, touch me, please?"

"He'll come if you do," Nikaido warned, more than familiar enough with Senga's body language to see the signs. Senga glared up at him and Nikaido grinned back.

"Who can say no to such a sweet voice?" Yokoo said, leaning forward and reaching a hand around Senga's waist. Senga gave a soft cry, shivering under Nikaido's hands.

Giving up on Senga doing anything else useful with his mouth, Nikaido slid down far enough to kiss him instead. Senga was too preoccupied to even do that properly, but Nikaido pushed his hair back from his face and pressed kisses to his cheeks and nose when Senga seemed like he needed the air badly enough, and swallowed his moans when he didn't.

As predicted, Senga shuddered himself out not much after that, and Nikaido caught him easily, letting Senga's weight sag against his chest. With Yokoo's help, they rolled him off to the side just enough to be out of the way.

Nikaido shrugged a shoulder towards Yokoo, still hard. "Want some help with that?"

"Hm." Yokoo crawled up to get a kiss from Nikaido for himself, hovering just close enough for Nikaido to feel the heat of his skin. "Your turn, right, Nika-chan?" He settled his weight between Nikaido's thighs and rolled his hips to make his meaning clear.

"Me?" Nikaido flushed warm, nervous and unsure. He hadn't done that with anyone besides Senga, ever, and the two of them hadn't ever talked about him bottoming to anyone else. Nikaido turned his head to look at Senga, chewing on his lower lip.

Senga was blinking at him with sleepy eyes, but he seemed to understand at least part of Nikaido's hesitation. "It's okay with me, Nika, if you want to."

"Yeah?" Nikaido asked, still stalling a bit, and after a second of watching his face, Senga seemed to get that part too. He smiled, reassuring.

"Watta'll take really good care of you. Right?" Senga turned his head to look at Yokoo, raising an eyebrow. "Nika barely ever does it that way, so…"

"Ah, got it," Yokoo said, and Nikaido looked back up at him. "Only if you want to. But I will take good care of you, promise."

Nikaido drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Senga aside, that was a promise he would believe coming from Yokoo more than anyone else. "Okay."

"Okay what?" Yokoo prodded, a hint of a tease turning up the corner of his mouth. Nikaido rolled his eyes.

"Okay, you can fuck me, geez," Nikaido said, but he couldn't help the blush that heated up his cheeks. Yokoo chuckled and kissed him again, and Nikaido tried to distract himself with that, and ignore the way his nerves were thrumming.

Yokoo knew how to put his long fingers to good use, at least, and despite his nerves it wasn't long before Nikaido was clutching at the sheets and telling him to put the second one in already. It didn't help either that Senga was murmuring in his ear between kisses about how good Yokoo's fingers felt, how long and clever and deep…

"Fuck," Nikaido gasped suddenly, a bolt of pleasure zipping up his spine, and he squeezed tight around Yokoo's fingers.

"Ah, there, huh?" Yokoo said, although he mostly seemed to be talking to himself. "Yes?"

"Yes!" Nikaido agreed when Yokoo did the same thing again. The less he was in control of his body's reactions, the more flustered it made him. "Dammit! Seriously, Watta, hurry the fuck up, okay? I've been hard forever, and I want you."

"You've been hard forever?" Yokoo snorted. "It's a good thing you're really cute, brat."

Even so, it was almost too much as Yokoo started to push inside, and a little bubble of panic rose in Nikaido's chest that he really shouldn't do this with anybody besides Senga. Just as he was about to say stop, he felt Senga grab his hand and twine their fingers together.

"It's okay," Senga assured, quiet enough that maybe Yokoo wouldn't even be able to hear. "Squeeze my hand? I'm right here."

Nikaido took Senga's advice, shutting his eyes and squeezing his hand tightly as Yokoo worked his way in, and after a few deep breaths the sting of it started to ease. When he opened his eyes, Yokoo was waiting patiently, watching him with his full attention.

"Ready?" he asked. Not trusting his voice, Nikaido nodded. Yokoo leaned down for another kiss.

"For luck?" Nikaido asked when Yokoo pulled away, but Yokoo just grinned.

"You won't need it, with me," he said with confidence. "But if it makes you feel better, I'm not going to last an eternity, thanks to your cute Kenpi."

"Hehe," Senga laughed, obviously proud of himself, and Nikaido and Yokoo shared an eye roll.

Yokoo started thrusting, smooth and steady, watching Nikaido closely until he was satisfied that it really was all right. Although he appreciated the concern, it was still embarrassing to be stared at while in such a vulnerable position. Nikaido closed his eyes and concentrated on relaxing into Yokoo's thrusts, on the heat pooling in his abdomen and the bursts of pleasure from Yokoo sliding into him just right.

"Aw, don't keep your eyes closed the whole time," Senga urged, breath warm against Nikaido's cheek. "You two look so good together."

Nikaido cracked an eye. "Yeah? Embarrassing…" It was hard to concentrate on anything besides Yokoo above him, now that he had his eyes open. "Watta looks hot, though."

"Right back at you," Yokoo grunted, still watching Nikaido. That was sort of hot too, but what Nikaido really wanted to see, he realized all at once, was Yokoo losing control.

"Can go harder." Nikaido stretched his spine, curled a leg around Yokoo's thigh, and gave him as bratty a grin as he could while gasping for air. "I can take it."

Yokoo dug his knees into the mattress and slammed into Nikaido hard enough to nearly knock him into the headboard on his next thrust. Nikaido might have taken his bold words back, if he'd had any air in his lungs to do it; instead he grabbed for Yokoo's shoulders and hung on, noises he wasn't so much in control of spilling out of his mouth.

It couldn't last, and soon enough Yokoo cursed a warning before his rhythm hitched, and Nikaido shuddered too as Yokoo pulsed inside him. Yokoo went limp, his head dropping onto Nikaido's shoulder.

"I'm getting too old for this," he mumbled, both of their chests heaving, sweat making their skin stick together. Nikaido closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. He didn't open them even when Yokoo managed to roll himself off to the opposite side as Senga, or when Senga shifted around beside him.

But they snapped open fast enough when he felt the touch of something hot and wet brushing against his stretched hole. Senga was grinning up at him from between Nikaido's legs, and with Nikaido watching he licked another deliberate stripe.

"Kenpi!" Nikaido protested, then cursed when Senga blew a puff of air over the wet skin. Everything down there was over sensitive, the rim of his hole contracting involuntarily at every touch.

"Wow, it's like your body's trying to pull me in," Senga said, sliding a fingertip in and humming when Nikaido clenched around it. He pushed in a bit further, then back, in a gentle rocking motion. "Mmm, does that feel good?"

"Do something," Nikaido begged, pushing down into the touch, more than a little desperate. "Anything, just do something!"

"Try doing that with your tongue," Yokoo suggested, and Nikaido moaned brokenly when Senga's eyes lit up in interest. His noises rose a half-octave when Senga took Yokoo's advice and licked in deeper, the tip of his tongue slick and hot inside him, as far as Senga could work it in. Occasionally Senga worked in fingers instead, licking around the outside as he curled his fingers to make Nikaido whine.

It wasn't nearly enough, especially after having just been fucked so forcefully by Yokoo, only serving to torment Nikaido until he was entirely past reason. He ended up begging Senga just to fuck him and be done with it, pleading between ragged gasps for air, fingers twisted tightly in the sheets.

Senga was lining himself up and thrusting in practically before Nikaido had finished saying the words, looking a bit desperate himself. Nikaido wrapped arms tight around Senga's neck as soon as he was close enough, ignoring the way it made his already-tired abs pull.

"Okay?" Senga asked, and Nikaido groaned a yes. Senga wasn't as long as Yokoo, not as steady, but he was familiar, the feel of him inside and the taste of his skin. Nikaido couldn't get him close enough, couldn't wrap legs around him tightly enough.

"Kenpi…" Nikaido was shaking, barely able to hear anything over the blood rushing in his ears, Senga's heartbeat thudding where Nikaido's ear was pressed against his chest.

"Easy, easy," Senga soothed, pushing his hips back down so that he could wrap a hand around Nikaido's cock. "Come for me? Come on, let go."

Giving himself over to Senga's familiar grip, Nikaido shuddered himself out, orgasm a fiery wave washing over him and leaving him entirely exhausted. He was barely sensible yet when Senga came as well, only caring that Senga stayed close, within easy reach.

True to Fujigaya's promise, Yokoo did take care of them at the end. He slid out of bed and padded across the floor, returning a minute later with warm washcloths.

"Since the bath is clearly out," Yokoo said, and Nikaido was more than willing to be rolled this way and that, the warm water and Yokoo's gentle hands soothing and thorough. Senga wasn't quite so helpful, squirming and laughing at the tickle of it until Yokoo hit him in the face with one of the washcloths and told him to take care of himself then.

This time it was Nikaido who was curled up in the middle, arms wrapped around Senga's waist and face buried in his chest, Yokoo warm against his back. Senga and Yokoo were talking quietly over his head, their quiet laughter buzzing against Nikaido's skin from time to time.

"We're talking about you, you know," Senga eventually said, pinching Nikaido's waist playfully where his hand was resting.

"Good," Nikaido said, half-asleep. "Since I'm the genius who came up with this."

"If you're such a genius, why didn't you start with Miyacchi and Tama?" Yokoo asked. "They have to be at least four times as easy as the three of us."

"That is…such a good point," Senga admitted, and Nikaido gave a loud, fake snore, too exhausted to even think about it.


Fic continued here.

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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