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Booty Calls and Other Bright Ideas, part 2

yeah, it was too long for a single post. geez.

Title: Booty Calls and Other Bright Ideas [Nikaido/Senga/Kis-My-Ft2]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. A lot.
Summary: Senga's got too much energy for Nikaido to handle on his own, so they enlist some help from the rest of their unit.

Fic continued from here.


When they did get around to Miyata and Tamamori, it was almost anti-climactic. The four of them were hanging around in Nikaido and Senga's hotel room, Miyata exiled to Senga's bed because of their combined sweatiness. Tamamori was stretched out next to Nikaido on his bed, complaining that he didn't get this stupid anime.

"It doesn't make any sense," he whined, pointing to the television.

"They have robots in space!" Nikaido retorted. "What more sense do you need!"

"It's because you won't watch them from the beginning, Tama-chan," Miyata spoke up from the other bed. Tamamori swung his accusing finger towards Miyata instead.

"I tried! Twice! We always end up making out and then you say we have to start over!"

"Guess you like making out with Miyata more, yeah?" Senga commented, making Miyata light up and say that he loved Tamamori too~.

Tamamori scowled and punched Nikaido, just because he was convenient.

"Hey!" Nikaido grabbed Tamamori's wrist. "Don't hit me because your boyfriend's a weirdo and you're too dumb for anime!"

"What?!" Tamamori gasped, indignant and struggling to hit Nikaido with his other hand instead. "Take it back!"

Nikaido caught Tamamori's other wrist and forced them both down against the mattress, leaning over him. "Fine, your boyfriend's not that weird."

Senga and Miyata both cracked up, and Nikaido looked over to grin at Senga. But when they caught eyes, Senga's expression said that he was grinning about something entirely different. Realization struck Nikaido about his position over top of Tamamori, Tamamori's struggles to free himself entirely pleasing.

"Nice," Senga said, holding Nikaido's gaze long enough to let him protest if he wanted to. "Hey, Miyacchi, play with me?"

"Hm?" Miyata was caught off guard, eyes widening when Senga rolled over to press close against him, leaning up to kiss the corner of Miyata's mouth. "Oh, like that."

"Is that what this is?" Tamamori immediately went pliant under Nikaido. "Geez, you should have just said. Annoying."

"Sorry I made you burn a whole five kilocalories of energy," Nikaido said. Tamamori hmphed, his pout cute and not very convincing. "Oi, tell me something he likes."

"Me?" Miyata asked, distracted by Senga trailing kisses down his neck. "Something he likes?"

"Of course you." Nikaido exchanged an unimpressed look with Tamamori. He explained, "Like Kenpi likes it if you run fingertips down his side, really light."

"Nika!" Senga protested, but it was followed by a soft groan as Miyata tried that out.

"Gotcha," Miyata said, voice a little deeper suddenly. "The hollow of his throat. Or piercings, just about any of them will do."

"Oh yeah?" Nikaido leaned down to nose at the neat line of rings up Tamamori's ear, then tugged one gently with his teeth. Tamamori swallowed the moan, but the full-body shiver was impossible to miss. "So that's why you've got so many of those."

"That plus Miyacchi likes doing it a little too much," Tamamori said darkly, getting a laugh from across the room. Nikaido didn't bother asking whether 'it' was sex or piercing Tamamori, figuring the answer was probably both.

Not that they had thought it through properly in terms of the plan, but even though it seemed like both of them would be equally tired out, the split they had ended up in was the optimal choice. Tamamori was as lazy as Fujigaya but a lot easier to get off, whereas Miyata's endurance was almost equal to Kitayama's, if dressing room talk was to be believed. Idly, Nikaido wondered if put to a pure test, how many times he could make Tamamori come before Miyata was forced to give in the first time.

"Why're you looking at me like that?" Tamamori asked suspiciously, back to wriggling. "Come on, let's go already."

Feeling lazy himself, Nikaido didn't mind taking his time kissing Tamamori and running hands over his sides and arms, the places that were convenient. He tugged Tamamori's T-shirt up when it impeded his plans, and then off, his own hitting the floor just after. He kept half an eye on Miyata and Senga to make sure they weren't getting too far ahead, but otherwise gave his attention on how Tamamori arched against him whenever he skimmed fingers over a sensitive spot. It felt even better now that they were skin-to-skin.

Tamamori was nearly but not totally idle, tugging at Nikaido's hair and running fingers over the bumps of his spine. Mostly he seemed content to let Nikaido do as he willed, to be cooperative and to make a lot of cute little noises. Nikaido could work with that.

"Miyacchi's an awesome kisser," Senga reported breathily, drawing Nikaido's attention for a moment. They'd made even less progress, both of them still fully clothed, but Senga's pink cheeks said the time hadn't been misspent.

"Thanks to you," Miyata replied, looking pleased and a bit pink-cheeked himself. "Hey," he nodded to Nikaido, "if you screw around too long, he won't hold back, you know."

Nikaido turned his head back to eye Tamamori. "You're not allowed to come before I get inside you, got it?"

Tamamori grinned up at him and gave a lazy roll of his hips, making it obvious how hard he was. "Probably ought to listen to that guy, then. He knows what he's talking about."

If that was how Tamamori was going to be about it, Nikaido didn't waste any more time in yanking Tamamori's sweatpants off, and then his underwear. He did raise an eyebrow when he found Tamamori already slick and stretched, ready to go. "Really?"

"We were in our room for a whole half-hour before," Tamamori shrugged, then laughed and squirmed when Nikaido dragged tickling fingers across the warm, soft skin of Tamamori's inner thigh. "Aw, did you really want to do all that stuff?"

"I…" He kind of did, Nikaido realized, but he shook his head and stood up to strip his sweatpants off. Having to go slow, having to work to make Senga open up for him, he didn't just do those things because he had to, after all. It made him feel close to Senga, connected.

But then again, as he watched Tamamori turn his head to give Miyata a showy bodyroll, it made sense that it was the sort of connection that Tamamori would want from Miyata, rather than from whoever else they played with. Still, it was a shame, because Nikaido bet that Tamamori would have arched so prettily with Nikaido's fingers inside him.

"Just trying to slow you down a little, Speed Racer," Nikaido bluffed instead. He glanced over to catch Senga looking, then struck a sexy-type muscle pose. Senga shook his head, laughing, then went back to pulling off his and Miyata's clothes. When Nikaido turned his attention back, Tamamori was stroking himself slowly. "Oi, knock that off, what did I just say about coming early?"

"I think Nika could get him off like five times before you came even once, you know," Senga commented, and Nikaido choked down a burst of laughter.

Tamamori whined as Nikaido knocked his hand away and crawled back onto the bed, and Nikaido imitated his whine right back as he was grabbing both of Tamamori's wrists and pushing them down above his head. "Does this pillow queen routine really work on Miyacchi?"

"Yeah, it really does," Tamamori said, flexing his wrists a little as if testing Nikaido's grip. He relaxed into it and spread his legs, letting Nikaido settle in against him. "Anyway, like I said, we fooled around in our room before, so I probably won't come that fast."

"Relatively," Miyata commented, and Tamamori told him to shut his mouth. Or put it to good use at least, since Senga was finally naked. "Don't mind if I do," Miyata responded, and there was a surprised squeak as Miyata rolled Senga onto his back suddenly.

"Attention up here, please?" Nikaido said, as though he hadn't been watching just as avidly. Tamamori did turn back to him, though, looking up at him expectantly. "I am the one fucking you after all. Unless you'd rather I got Miyacchi over here…"

"No no no," Tamamori cut him off. "I have that guy all the time. Nika-chan looks fun, so I want to try you out this time."

Nikaido grinned, feeling pleased at Tamamori saying that he wanted him so bluntly, even if he did make Nikaido sound a bit like designer jeans Tamamori was toying with the idea of buying in a shop. Still, there were worse endorsements in Tamamori's world, Nikaido supposed.

He had to let go of Tamamori's wrists to get himself lined up, but he gave Tamamori a stern look, and Tamamori didn't look like he had any motivation to move his arms from where they were stretched above his head. He stretched out even further as Nikaido slid inside of him, limbs so long and graceful, pale skin already flushing pink.

"Damn, you look good spread out underneath me," Nikaido said, pausing for a moment when he'd slid the whole way in. He eased back, and Tamamori arched up against him, like he was trying to keep him inside. Nikaido hummed a pleased note and did again just like that, slow, a few more times, just enjoying himself.

"More," Tamamori begged, totally unembarrassed. He put his long legs to good use and curled them around Nikaido's waist, trying to draw him in closer, keep him from sliding back.

"Make me," Nikaido challenged, then chuckled when Tamamori narrowed his eyes, expression changing to competition mode. He squeezed tighter around Nikaido and used his legs as leverage to rock himself up onto Nikaido's cock. "Mm, that's good. I like it when you do the work. Oh, speaking of that," Nikaido chanced a glance over at the other bed, where Miyata had his mouth stretched around Senga's cock, Senga's hands buried tight in his hair, "Kenpi likes riding on top, if you're interested."

"Hm," Miyata said, lifting his head up to look Senga over, "is that so, Ken-chan? Because I am definitely interested."

"Yeah, totally," Senga agreed right away. "So quit getting distracted down there."

"Hey," Tamamori demanded Nikaido's attention, "touch me already."

"Mm," Nikaido said, looking Tamamori up and down, taking in the pitch of his little noises and how his cock was already pulling up towards his stomach, "you're definitely going to come as soon as I do that."

"Yeah, so what?" was Tamamori's retort.

"A bit longer." Nikaido leaned down to silence Tamamori's whine with a messy kiss, although he was careful to keep his hips up enough that Tamamori couldn't rub off against his stomach.

He hadn't quite counted on Tamamori's determination, though; Tamamori squirmed, shifting the angle until suddenly he gasped into Nikaido's mouth and began rocking up against him with renewed purpose. Nikaido pulled back enough to see Tamamori's expression, scrunched in concentration.

"Can you come that way?" he asked, skeptical. He certainly couldn't, and he'd never seen Senga manage it. "Really?"

"Uh-huh," Tamamori answered, distracted. "But…" He looked up at Nikaido with dark, half-closed eyes, chest heaving and overall making a very appealing picture. "…feels better if you touch me."

"Okay, okay," Nikaido gave in, ignoring Miyata calling him an easy victim. He shifted his weight and wrapped a hand around Tamamori's cock, tugging down as the same time as he pushed in.

Tamamori's eyes fluttered shut and he relaxed totally into the touch, and sure enough it was only a dozen breaths later that Tamamori gave a sweet little moan and spilled over Nikaido's hand. Nikaido wasn't so close to coming himself, but he did enjoy the way Tamamori squeezed tight all around him, and the aftershocks that made Tamamori tremble against him just after.

"Should I stop?" Nikaido asked, still rocking back and forth, although more gently.

"No, feels good," Tamamori murmured, eyes still closed. He reached up to wrap arms around Nikaido's neck even as his legs slid down to just rest over top of Nikaido's calves. "Mmm, Nika-chan."

Settling into an easy rhythm, Nikaido glanced to the side to check on the other two, and found that Miyata had taken his advice. Senga was rocking down onto him, eyes closed in concentration, Miyata's hands on his hips holding him steady. The roll of Senga's hips was a steady pulse, familiar to Nikaido, and he wished they'd had the foresight to push the beds together so that he could touch Senga without having to give up his position over top of Tamamori.

"Should have done this closer together," Tamamori said, apparently having the same feelings, and Nikaido looked down to find Tamamori watching across the gap as well.

Nikaido leaned down to brush a kiss over Tamamori's cheekbone. "Want to go over there and interrupt? I'll let you make out with Kenpi a little."

"Hmm…" Tamamori pretended to be in deep thought about that a second, then gave Nikaido a smirk. "Absolutely."

Hissing as he pulled out, still hard, Nikaido wrapped a hand around himself to keep from bouncing around. The other he offered to Tamamori to help tug him up, both of them wobbling a little when they tried to stand up. Fortunately it was only a few steps across to the other bed.

"Ah, the cavalry at last," Miyata chuckled; Senga eyed them but didn't comment, concentrating on what was doing.

"Seemed like you needed some help," Tamamori said, throwing a leg over Miyata's thighs and settling in close against Senga's back. He twined arms around Senga's waist, loosely enough not to interfere with his riding Miyata. "Plus Nika-chan said I could make out with Ken-chan."

"Oh, did he?" Senga asked, but he turned his head obligingly enough when Tamamori rested his chin on Senga's shoulder.

"I'm generous like that," Nikaido said, sliding into bed and stretching out along Miyata's side. He didn't bother asking before reaching up to cup Miyata's cheek with one hand, turning Miyata's face to the side to collect a kiss of his own.

As advertised, Miyata was a very good kisser, willing both to take the lead or to give up control when Nikaido pressed for it. Nikaido's lips were tingling pleasantly when a low moan from Senga attracted both of their attentions.

Tamamori had given up Senga's mouth to nibble on his shoulders and the back of his neck instead, one hand wrapped tight around Senga's cock, stroking him off.

"Tama-chan's being surprisingly helpful," Nikaido said.

Miyata snorted. "He just wants Ken-chan's spot." Nikaido laughed, thinking that that made a lot more sense, really. "But mm," Miyata continued, "Ken-chan's doing an awfully good job up there, I'm not sure Tama-chan can quite match him for energy."

"You are gonna get it," Tamamori informed him, eyes narrowed. "Hurry up and come, Ken-chan, so I can show this idiot my energy."

Senga laughed, his voice coming out as half a moan. "If you've got so much energy, why is Nika still hard?" Tamamori huffed and bit down a little harder than he should, making Senga groan. Nikaido covered Senga's hand with his own where it was resting on Miyata's chest, and Senga wrapped their fingers together.

"Lemme help," Miyata said, sliding one hand off of Senga's thigh, down until it bumped Nikaido's erection. Nikaido groaned his appreciation into Miyata's shoulder as Miyata curled his hand around him and started stroking him off, grip strong. "Nice. Maybe the two of us ought to play together next time?"

"I'd like that," Nikaido agreed, shivering thinking about it, Miyata's strong arms and talented mouth on him instead of Senga or Tamamori, not to mention his other endowments. "Since it seems like that big nose isn't for nothing."

"Oh," Senga tried to warn, "I—" and that was all he managed before he came, streaking Miyata's stomach with his release and going slack against Tamamori.

"Cute," Tamamori praised, lifting his hand to casually lick a finger clean. "Off you go~."

Tamamori shoved Senga up and off of Miyata without further ado, but Senga just giggled as he tumbled over onto Nikaido in a heap of relaxed limbs. Slightly more considerate, Miyata edged over as much as he could to give them a few more centimeters of space, before he was distracted by Tamamori sinking down on top of him.

"Hey," Senga said, curling arms around Nikaido's neck and snuggling close. Ever relaxed and cooperative after orgasm, Senga threw a leg over Nikaido's thigh. "You can come in if you want."

"Yeah," Nikaido agreed, already doing exactly that, but he kissed Senga in apology, knowing that he wouldn't be so quick to offer if their positions were reversed. "I'll be quick, promise."

It was quick, since he'd been hard ages between fucking Tamamori and Miyata's strong hands. The closeness of Senga wrapped tight around him made it easy to reach for, and Nikaido buried his face in the curve of Senga's neck and breathed him in until he tumbled over the edge.

Worn out, Nikaido was happy to keep his eyes closed and stay right where he was, the heat of Senga's skin soothing his muscles as he came down. The only sound for a bit was the four of them breathing, and the anime still playing on the television.

"I really am never going to get this stupid thing," Tamamori grumbled. Miyata said cheerfully that they'd just have to work hard and keep trying, followed by the skin-on-skin thwack of Tamamori slapping at him.


Late that night, after cleaning up in the bath and curling up together in Nikaido's bed since it had taken less of the abuse, Nikaido was feeling exhausted but not particularly sleepy. Senga was awake as well, although his eyes were closed as Nikaido traced idle patterns over the inside of Senga's arm.

"So I was thinking," Nikaido said, and Senga made a vague noise to show he was listening, "if you were gonna wake me up in the morning, we could always sneak over to Watta and Taipi's room. Since their room could use a little excitement too, yeah?"

"Eh. Nah."

"Nah?" Nikaido blinked, hand falling still on Senga's arm. "Really?"

"Well…" Senga opened his eyes, looking a bit sheepish. "Playing with everybody else is fun and all, but…"

"Yeah?" Nikaido prompted, curious.

"It's not like I'd never want to do it again," Senga blushed, but met Nikaido's eyes without flinching, "but it's still best with just Nika."

"You think so?" Nikaido asked, warmth and a little bit of relief bubbling up in his chest. Kitayama was hot, Fujigaya was sexy, Yokoo took really good care of them and Tamamori and Miyata were fun to play with, but none of them were Senga, or even close.

"Of course," Senga said. "You feel that way too, right?"

Past words, Nikaido just pulled Senga closer and hugged him tightly in answer. Senga's arms were just as tight around him, and Nikaido knew that Senga had understood.

"Plus," Senga added, "I'm exhausted, geez. So don't you dare wake me up in the middle of the night for more sex! I can't keep up!"

"You brat," Nikaido accused, shaking with laughter between insults, "you unbearable jackass, you started this whole thing!"

"No no no," Senga corrected, eyes wide and innocent. "You don't remember? It was all your idea."

"You are such a dick."

"But you love me, right?" Nikaido leaned up on an elbow to see properly, and Senga was smiling at him, answer already obvious. "Right?"

"Right," Nikaido answered firmly, then let Senga tug him down for a possessive kiss, perfectly happy not to be sharing a damn thing with anybody.

For the rest of the night, anyway. Maybe they'd break into Yokoo and Fujigaya's room the next morning anyway, just to see Fujigaya's bed hair.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…