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remix revealed

so, here's two conversations that I've had with my family tonight. I swear that I'm making neither of these up.

Convo 1, during the credits of Shrek 2:

my mother (reading random names): tony cameron...hey, do you think he's related to Cameron Diez?
Me: o.O

Convo 2, while editing a paper for my brother:

me: Maybe you should invest in some semicolons.
brother: semicolons are gay.
me: I don't think they are, really.
brother: Semicolons so say "please, take it up the ass."

Meanwhile, all the remix authors are up, so I can now officially say that I indeed wrote Skins (Bodies Under Siege Remix) for casira. I was ridiculously excited about my assignment (as ellen will tell you), although it was excruciating trying to pick which story i wanted to do, I really had a great time once i got going. Thanks so much, casira, for the chance to do this.

Huge thank yous and flowers and hugs to nopejr and musesfool for my stories. I've already said that I loved them, so i won't gush too much more, but both of them were amazing. Poor Victoria was subject to some vague IM comments about her story before I knew she was the author :) good thing she's brilliant, or that could've ended badly. If you haven't told her how amazing she is for organizing all of this, DO IT NOW.

Also, is anybody else cracking up over that sirius/remus/harry PoA picture on maeglinyedi's lj? twirly!remus!
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