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If I Needed Them To, They Would Take Me With Them Anyway

I need to start posting regularly again because next year when I go back to reread what I was doing, I won't have anything to read.

I've had a reasonably calm start of school despite a room move and losing all foreign language at the middle school level. Now last year I said that and then things dropped off precipitously by the end of sept, so I'm hoping to avoid that part this year.

I really, really love KAT-TUN's Fumetsu no Scrum PV/single. They have the best b-sides, always. And even though I still feel a tinge of guilt in the face of Jin's failure to hold himself together as a solo artist, it's so glaringly obvious how much better KAT-TUN are without him. I'm sad they haven't looked like this/this happy this entire time, but glad they can do it now. Also I'm unsure how anybody can make bowling sexy. idek.

Almost caught up with One Piece's anime, which means I'll have to decide whether to read ahead or not. I want to know what happens, but otoh I like watching so much more than reading. Can I even tell you how much I love that Luffy's redraw makes him look more grown-up pirate captain? It's just the sash I guess, haha, but now when it shows him i'm like YES, THAT IS MY CAPTAIN. I had no idea how much I wanted that until it was given to me.

also I never stop laughing that all the boys are SO EXCITED for Franky's robots, and then it always changes to Robin and Nami being like "............." True to life, we has it.

I should have gone outside because it was nice today, but by the time I finished guinea pigs I just sat down, and that was it. I need to finish this kitayama/senga already, and then actually study for real for JLPT so I don't fail quite as shamefully as I did last year.
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