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The dog is pretty pissed off too, just to say

before I even start this story let me say that if you have any teachers in your life, the absolute worst day to fuck with them in the entire year is Back to School Night. Like, just don't do it.

so mine was tonight, whatever, so i'm trying to make my room look half decent and make the fish not smell and finish my powerpoint for the parents. It's not worth going home really in between end of school and the start of this thing so i'm supposed to go eat at about 4 with some other people and then the thing starts at 6.

7th period i finally get a chance to check my phone for the first time all day, and there's a ridiculously long text message from my father explaining that he and my mother have left for an overnight trip and that 'somebody' will have let the dog (14 year old beagle) out and stuff.

1. Somebody = me, always, because all my brothers = useless.
2. This means I have to spend the night because we all know that I will not get up an hour earlier to drive over and let the dog out and THEN go to school even on a normal day, much less after BtS, which is the most exhausting day ever.

SO MUCH DO NOT WANT. i was so angry i nearly cried in front of 8th period, because awesomely i cry when i'm angry. You cannot do this shit to me back to school night! You for sure cannot do it with NO FUCKING NOTICE. and plainly this was not last second since my mother must have taken off work weeks ago. also dinner plans now all a struggle because i have to rush over here right after school to let the dog out the first time and hope he's fine for the 7-8 hours before I am back.

so. furious. i finally got home at 11pm and then had to throw together a bag to take over to my parents', and totally did not bring anything for lunch tomorrow, and all i want in the entire world is to sleep in my own fucking bed for the 6 hours before I have to get up for school AGAIN. whyyyyyy.

it's the kind of thing where you know you aren't even going to get any satisfaction about being mean about it. Like, they can't possibly make up for the dicktastic nature of doing this to me today, so there's no point in them even trying/in talking about it. I almost sent a text message when i got home just to be like "THIS is when i'm finally getting home just so you know how much you have dicked me over today" but then i just thought, why. why even do it. Will i feel better? no. will they learn their lesson and quit doing it to me? not even a little.

also i found out tonight who my new dept chair is, and not that i would have done it even if they had appointed me, but i'm 100% bitter i didn't get to officially tell them to eat it after being unceremoniously dumped from it last year. turns out i'm still mad about that, not very deep down, go figure.
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