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Title: All the Important Things [Kitayama/Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for threesomes and the fact that kisumai shouldn't play Never Have I Ever together for any reason.
Summary: Kitayama just wants somebody he can trust to fool around with on tour, and Miyata and Tamamori are totally convenient...until they fall in love.
AN: So a couple weeks ago ryogrande wrote Three is a Party, in which an established Tamamiya invite Kitayama back into their relationship, explaining in a couple throwaway lines that the three of them had been fooling around in hotel rooms for some time before Tamamori and Miyata got really serious about each other. So I said in the comments that I really wanted THAT get-together fic, and weeks later here we finally are.

It was supposed to have a title about movies because in another fic Kitayama comments about them, "I was there for the previews but I got the feeling that I wasn't the target audience for the whole film" but I couldn't come up with anything clever.

All the Important Things

Tamamori and Miyata are surprised when Kitayama asks to be their permanent roommate for tours (barring TakiCHANnel filmings), but they don't have any objections.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," Kitayama leers a little, making Tamamori's mouth bunch up cutely. "But I want to actually sleep and not worry about what Nika or Ken-chan are doing to my bag or me, and I think it's best if on tour Fujigaya has as much Fujigaya time as possible."

"Sure, doesn't bother us," Miyata shrugs, smiling warmly as ever. Kitayama had expected to have to coax them into giving up their private time, but takes them at their word.

It's not until they're actually on tour that he realizes that he really is not interrupting anything.

They're just the same as ever in the privacy of their room, Tamamori taking forever in the bath and puttering around the room talking to nobody in particular, Miyata an attentive audience and gentle organizer for Tamamori's scatter-brained doings. He even wakes Tamamori up when Tamamori sleeps through his phone alarm, even though Miyata won't get up himself until much later.

Honestly even if they were terrible roommates Kitayama might stay in their room just for the reliability of Miyata's wake-up service.

They aren’t terrible roommates at all, though. They're reasonably peaceful and entertaining, and the three of them have always gotten along well. The gap between them closed long ago, and Kitayama doesn't need to play big brother or jerk or leader for either one of them, he only has to be himself. It's relaxing, comfortable.

Comfortable enough that by the third hotel, Kitayama pitches an idea.

"Want to fool around?" he asks from his cot. Across the room in the middle of a squabble over who should hold the remote, Miyata and Tamamori freeze.

"You mean…" Miyata's cheeks flush pink, and it's honestly adorable. "That?"

"With him?" Tamamori points at Miyata, face unimpressed.

"Ah, so you wouldn't mind fooling around with me?" Kitayama teases. Tamamori splutters and Miyata turns even pinker.

"Why?" Miyata asks, looking genuinely curious, if still a bit embarrassed. He lets go of the remote, making Tamamori fumble it, and pulls his legs up onto his bed to face Kitayama properly.

Kitayama shrugs. "Just something to do. Doesn't have to mean anything."

"Gaya warned me about your 'soccer training,'" Tamamori pipes up suspiciously, making both Kitayama and Miyata laugh.

"Just thought you two might be interested," Kitayama goes on, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Since you both live at home still. Might as well take advantage of the hotel, right? I trust you two."

"More than you trust girls, you mean?" Tamamori asks, eyebrow raised, not a total moron about things that matter.

"Be honest," Miyata says, coaxing. "You're just too lazy to go out and pick girls up, when we're right here."

"Can't you two take a compliment?" Kitayama rolls his eyes. "Geez, I trust you, I said, and I mean it. You won't run and tell the whole staff, won't be jerks about it in the morning. Yeah, you're right here, but it's not like I'd do it with just anybody who happens to be in my hotel room."

"Lies," Tamamori says, waving the remote dismissively.

Miyata on the other hand, smiles a warm, pleased smile, and it looks good enough on him that Kitayama decides he's worth moving for. Pushing himself off the cot, he crawls onto Miyata's bed and towards Miyata, pausing with their faces a few inches apart just to check. Miyata's eyes are wide with surprise, but he doesn't seem unwilling, so Kitayama leans in and presses his mouth firmly to Miyata's.

He's a decent kisser, if unpracticed, and Kitayama enjoys the idea that he might get to teach Miyata how to do it right. He presses a little more firmly against Miyata's mouth, until he feels Miyata start to move against him in return, start to get into it.

When he pulls back, Miyata's cheeks are pink and his eyes dark as he blinks up at Kitayama shyly, and if even Kitayama hadn't been interested before he sure would be now.

"It's fine to say no," he tells Miyata, offering him a last chance to back out. But he can't quite keep from adding, "But I really want you to say yes."

Miyata hesitates for a few seconds, nibbling his bottom lip and glancing to the side in Tamamori's direction. Kitayama can see him still thinking me? and aside from honestly thinking Miyata is going to be a lot of fun, it makes him want to prove to Miyata that he's definitely worth having, drives him crazy that he doesn't already know it.

Miyata drops his eyes to his lap, and Kitayama thinks for sure the answer will be no, but then Miyata says a soft, "Okay."

"Yeah? All right." Kitayama grins, happy to get his way, and then turns to look across the gap between the beds. "Tama-chan?"

"Mmm," Tamamori leans back on his hands, swinging his feet over the edge of the bed a little, "are you two really gonna be worth it?"

Kitayama shrugs a shoulder carelessly. "Judge for yourself," he says, and then he cups Miyata's cheek with one hand to hold him steady and moves in for a more serious kiss. Miyata's hands come up to rest on Kitayama's shoulders, hesitant, and Kitayama licks at his lips in encouragement until Miyata's mouth opens under his like magic. Kitayama swallows the soft noise Miyata makes when Kitayama licks his way inside.

"Okay, okay!" Tamamori whines from the side, and Kitayama breaks the kiss by laughing.

"Spoiled," he says, giving Miyata a knowing wink. "So get over here already, if you're coming."

Tamamori drops the remote and shuffles over, crawling up to sit beside Miyata and shouldering him over casually, then looks at Kitayama expectantly. Suppressing an eyeroll, Kitayama leans in to kiss him as well, not terribly surprised when Tamamori lets him have all of the lead and makes him do all the work. He's cooperative though, easy to coax into letting Kitayama curls their tongues together, and really cute with his hair hanging in his dark eyes and pink cheeks when Kitayama pulls back.

"Guess you'll do," Kitayama says, chuckling when Tamamori narrows his eyes.

He thinks about asking, just to make sure he's not stealing anybody's first time or anything melodramatic like that, but Kitayama decides he'd rather not know. It's obvious right away that neither one of them is as experienced as he is, although they're both entirely willing, which is what counts.

Surprisingly, this is for sure not Tamamori's first blowjob.

"Holy shit, Tama-chan," Kitayama groans, hands tangled in Tamamori's hair and struggling to keep his head up enough to watch. Kitayama's pretty well endowed, if he does say so himself, but Tamamori is somehow taking nearly all of cock into his pretty little mouth. His eyes are narrow with concentration, and Kitayama is just about to tell him not to choke himself when suddenly Tamamori works it out and Kitayama slides into his throat.

When Tamamori pulls back for air, his eyes are watery but smug, and when Kitayama turns his head, Miyata's eyes are huge.

"Try it on him," Kitayama suggests to Tamamori, wanting a moment to collect himself, plus it's really hard to concentrate on how hot Tamamori looks doing it when he's the victim.

"You don't have to…" Miyata starts to protest, but his voice cuts out when Tamamori yanks his sweats down without ceremony and shifts over to lick at his tip. Miyata isn't quite so big as Kitayama, Kitayama notes as he examines his goods shamelessly, but he's nothing to sneeze at either. If Kitayama hadn't just seen Tamamori swallow his own cock whole, he'd be surprised how easily he works Miyata in until his nose is brushing Miyata's belly.

Miyata whimpers and his fingers flex against the sheet, obviously unsure whether he's allowed to touch Tamamori or not. Kitayama helps him out by reaching over to pull one of his wrists up and laying his hand on Tamamori's head. Tamamori looks up when Miyata hesitantly threads fingers through his hair, but doesn't argue. His eyes flutter when Kitayama brushes fingers through his hair on the other side, and then tugs a bit.

"Try pulling," he advises, and then when Miyata looks at him incredulously, adds, "just a little, I think he likes it." Miyata obeys, gently and then more firmly, and there's no hiding the way Tamamori shivers. "Mm, he definitely likes it. Show him how you like it, guide his head."

"Oh god," Miyata gasps when he tries and Tamamori doesn't fight him for control. But he looks entirely displeased when Miyata pulls him all the way off, the suction of his lips breaking with a soft pop. "Don't want to come yet," Miyata explains shakily.

"Good man," Kitayama praises, because he definitely wants to draw this out as long as possible. "Tama-chan, come up here so we can return the favor?"

They make Tamamori arch so beautifully under their mouths, passing him back and forth, whoever isn't sucking him off pressing kisses to his belly and stomach or licking at his nipples. When he's a trembling mess and obviously too close to hold back, Kitayama fists him until he streaks his stomach with white and then goes limp under their hands, whining when Kitayama doesn't let go right away.

"Mm," Kitayama leans in to lick at one of the droplets, then shoulders at Miyata. "Go on, if you want. You ever tasted someone else's?"

Miyata shakes his head, looking shy again, but he licks at a streak just above Tamamori's navel, making Tamamori moan weakly.

"Quit it," Tamamori groans when they both lean in for another taste, squirming under their hands and mouths. "Leave me alone a second! Jerk off each other or something."

"Or something," Kitayama says, lifting his head and catching Miyata off-guard with a kiss. They both taste like Tamamori. "I can taste you too, right?"

Kitayama can't get as much of Miyata into his mouth as Tamamori can, but he knows what he's doing. He strokes Miyata tightly while he sucks and tongues at his head, and Miyata even works his fingers into Kitayama's hair after only a minute's delay. Quick learner, bless him, Kitayama thinks, and he rewards him by humming low in his throat.

"Hey," Miyata warns, "I think I-I'm gonna…" Kitayama looks up, clearly not planning to move, and Miyata's eyes are wide with surprise before orgasm forces them shut.

"You didn't swallow for me," Tamamori put in with a trace of pout, and Kitayama grins as he lets Miyata fall from his lips and crawls up to share Miyata's taste with him. Tamamori squawks at first, but quiets quickly enough when Kitayama presses him into the mattress and kisses him deeply.

He rolls onto his back and pushes Tamamori down to finish the job; Tamamori goes after only a token resistance and a showy roll of his eyes. Looking to the side to find Miyata watching, Kitayama holds out an arm to gather Miyata in against his side, his other hand already busy working into Tamamori's hair.

Miyata's skin is hot and feels good against Kitayama's; he leans up to press a kiss to the corner of Kitayama's mouth, and Kitayama turns his head to capture Miyata's mouth in a proper kiss. He groans into Miyata's mouth when Tamamori sucks him back in.

He's closer than he thought, and even though he tries to hold out, it's not long before he tugs on Tamamori's hair in warning.

"Unless you want to taste me too," he teases breathlessly, the glare Tamamori gives him while his mouth is stretched around Kitayama's cock only making Kitayama spiral higher. "You gonna swallow for me, Tama-chan?"

Tamamori lets his teeth scrape a little, and Kitayama comes with a deep moan of release, then falls back against the mattress, breathless and spent.

"Wow," Miyata says softly, and Kitayama just laughs because he couldn't agree more. This is the best idea he's ever had, and they haven't even tried anything really good yet.

Two hotels later, he's stretched out over top of Tamamori, fisting their cocks together and Tamamori's legs wrapped around his waist, when he turns his head to ask if Miyata wants to be inside.

"Inside?" Miyata blinks in confusion, hand stilling on his cock mid-stroke. "Of…you?"

"Yeah, or him," Kitayama shrugs a shoulder, still rocking into his fist and making Tamamori whimper underneath him. "I go either way, so…"

"You don't have to pick?" Tamamori asks, suddenly very interested. He bats Kitayama's hand away from his cock so that he can concentrate. "I don't have to pick?"

"It's not a shoujo manga," Kitayama answers, amused. "Some people like being a top or a bottom better, but you aren't stuck forever with the first one you try. I like it both ways."

It's like Tamamori is having a revelation underneath him, and it's so cute that Kitayama can't resist leaning down for a kiss to taste his wonder. Honestly, these kouhai, he thinks with affection, isn't anybody teaching them the most important stuff? Maybe it's a good thing he didn't join Johnny's so young after all.

"So who do you want?" he asks Tamamori when he lifts his head. "And how do you want them?"

"I…nn…" Tamamori's eyes dart from Kitayama to Miyata and back again, and then his mouth bunches in a cute little frown. "Now there's too many choices, ugh."

"We can try them all, you know," Kitayama tells him, whispering it like it's the secret of life. Beside them, Miyata makes a pained noise, and Kitayama is forced to add, "Not all at once, don't have an aneurism over there."

"Can I have you?" Tamamori asks, and Kitayama nods. "Good, I want you then."

"Me too?" Miyata asks, and Kitayama is just about to say sure when to his surprise, Miyata adds, "I mean, I want you inside m-me."

"You two are just full of surprises," Kitayama murmurs, rolling off of Tamamori to reach for Miyata. He tugs him close enough for a deep, sweet kiss, anticipation making his skin prickle everywhere Miyata's fingers skim over him. Reluctantly, though, he points out, "We might have to work up to it, because of my size."

"Oh right." Miyata glances down, then back up, cheeks tinged pink. "Well, please take care of us then, I guess."

"Please~," Tamamori intones sarcastically from behind Kitayama's back, and Kitayama reaches behind to pinch Tamamori's ticklish side, making Tamamori shriek and flail.

Tamamori is a bit whiny and squirmy about having to prep Kitayama, until Kitayama gets firm with him and says that if he doesn't learn to do it right he really will be stuck as a bottom forever.

"Let me help," Miyata says, pushing one of his strong, warm fingers inside Kitayama alongside Tamamori's long ones, and Kitayama lets his head drop back with a moan. Miyata seems to get it more than Tamamori does, that it isn't just about getting him stretched as quickly as possible, and Kitayama reminds himself to thank Miyata properly when it's his turn.

"Right there," he groans when Miyata curls his finger and brushes against his good spot. Kitayama pushes down against him wantonly, legs spreading wider on their own, and he's almost loathe to tell them he's ready because just that feels so good.

At least Tamamori has the sense to get a condom on himself without needing a lecture about it, which Kitayama appreciates. He rolls over onto his hands and knees, pushing at Miyata until Miyata is sitting up against the headboard, cock within easy reach of Kitayama's mouth.

"Oh, got it," Miyata says when Kitayama moves one of Miyata's hands over and wraps it around the base; he needs both of his hands to hold himself up, so Miyata will have to hold his cock steady himself if he wants Kitayama to do anything about it.

That settled, he looks over his shoulder to raise an eyebrow at Tamamori. "Ready? Let's go then, what are you waiting for?"

"Waiting for you," Tamamori retorts, eyes narrowing in competition. His fingers grip Kitayama's hips and then he starts pushing inside without any more warning. It's a little fast, and damn Tamamori is long like his fingers and everything else, but the sting of it feels good too, makes Kitayama's nerves buzz with anticipation.

"Fuck," he hisses, eyes squeezing shut, but they pop open when he feels gentle hands in his hair. He finds Miyata looking down at him in concern.

"Is it really okay?" Miyata asks, eyes glancing up at Tamamori and then back down to Kitayama.

"Yeah, mm," Kitayama answers, starting to push back, and it's not quite a lie. It'll be fine soon enough. "I like it a bit rough."

He drops to his elbows to start licking and sucking at Miyata's cock, distracting him from asking any more questions. It makes his ass lift a bit higher as well, changing the angle, and Tamamori's next few thrusts make him growl low in his throat.

"That looks amazing," Miyata says, breathless, fingers still stroking through Kitayama's hair and pushing up into his mouth. Kitayama lets Tamamori's thrusts do most of the work pushing his mouth down onto Miyata's cock, concentrating on just not biting him and how deep Tamamori is touching inside of him. "Tama, you look so hot fucking him…"

"Shit," Tamamori gasps, rhythm stuttering, "shut up, shut up," and he reaches around to jerk Kitayama off, trying to catch him up. It isn't even a contest, though, because Tamamori needs to work on his stamina even more than his skating. Kitayama growls in frustration when he feels Tamamori pulse inside him and go slack against his back.

"Figures," he lifts his head to say, and he catches Miyata's eye. "I know you want to try the other way, but help me out?"

"What do I do?" Miyata asks. Kitayama is already crawling up his body, not bothering to answer, and he pays no attention at all to Tamamori slipping out of him and rolling to the side with a soft whine.

It's not his favorite position, takes too much works and he'll feel it in his thighs tomorrow, but he could give a fuck right now as he sinks onto Miyata's cock, Miyata helpfully still holding it steady. He's not as long as Tamamori, but thicker, the stretch of it making Kitayama murmur a "Fuck yes" as he arches his back and sinks the whole way down.

"Oh god," Miyata says, voice nearly a squeak, and it turns into a steady breathless "oh oh oh" when Kitayama starts to ride him in earnest, reaching behind Miyata to grab the headboard for support. Miyata's hands land on his hips but don't stop moving, stroking up his sides and down his back, leaving trails of heat in their wake until Kitayama feels like he's melting from the inside out.

He's taken by surprise when Miyata tips him over onto his back, but it's an awesome surprise because he can't go nearly as long in that position as he wants to.

"Thank god," he groans, stretching his legs a little, then orders, "Put one of my legs over your shoulder."

Miyata does, and when he bears down it feels so good as Kitayama's muscles stretch and Miyata takes over the force of the thrusting. He isn't gentle, eyes dark with lust and drinking in all of Kitayama spread out underneath him, and Kitayama wants to come just like this.

"Jerk me off," he pants. "Want your hand, Miyacchi."

Miyata's hand is strong and so hot around him, and Kitayama lets it push him higher until it drags his orgasm right out of him, a searing rush that he feels all the way to his fingers and toes. He tries to peel his eyes open to watch Miyata lose it as well, but it happens too fast and his eyelids feel heavier than his limbs even.

Ah well, there's always next time.

"God, your hands are amazing," he sighs, limp with pleasure. Miyata mumbles something into Kitayama's collarbone, where his face is currently smooshed.

"Hey, you didn't make him wear a condom," Tamamori complains, and Kitayama opens an eye to give him a look.

"Heat of the moment," he says, careless. And then more pointedly, "But you'll notice he didn't come without getting me off and leave me hanging either."

"It isn't like I've ever fucked anybody before," Tamamori grumbles, but he squirms too.

Miyata stirs and tries to sit up; on the second try he actually makes it. Both he and Kitayama grimace as he pulls out and there's kind of a mess.

"That's the other reason for the condom," Kitayama says, even though he isn't particularly fussed about it himself. Good sex is messy. Miyata's apologies are cute, though.

"Come on, take a bath with me," Tamamori bosses Miyata, dragging him out of the bed and to the bathroom. He goes willingly enough, if on shaky legs, especially after Tamamori threatens not to let him sleep in the clean bed if he's gross all over.

Kitayama just rolls onto his cot and leaves it for the morning. He's out cold before Miyata and Tamamori are done arguing over water temperature.

It seems like the perfect arrangement, once he's got them trained up a little, and for a while it really is. Kitayama enjoys the freedom to switch for all it's worth, from the middle to the bottom if he's feeling lazy or to the top if they work him up enough. One night when they're back in their rooms strangely early he sits on the end of the bed and strokes himself while he tells Miyata what to do to Tamamori, until Tamamori is begging for it with every breath.

And if once in a while Fujigaya pounds on the wall and calls them nymphos, he's just jealous because Yokoo only goes the one way no matter how cutely Fujigaya pouts.

It's ages before he realizes that something has been changing without him noticing. Usually he's a sound sleeper, famously even, but a nightmare wakes him up in the middle of the night. Something about wires and Goseki and the big T-chan…Kitayama doesn't remember it clearly, thank god, but his heart is racing when he startles awake, and for a long second he can't remember where he is.

By the time he calms down, he realizes that he's not the only one awake. He still can't see anything in the pitch-dark room, but he can hear the rustle of sheets and the wet sounds of kissing, Miyata murmuring something too low to make out, and Tamamori's little gasps and sighs of pleasure.

He could interrupt, ask to join in, or hell, even just go over there and do it, but for some reason Kitayama doesn't feel like he should. He shakes it off as laziness; it's so much easier just to wrap a hand around his hardening cock and go on listening right where he is. He imagines what he can't see, Miyata's mouth stretched around Tamamori's cock or maybe Tamamori's hole stretched around Miyata's, until Kitayama spills over his fist with a sigh that neither one of them seem to hear. Satisfied, he rolls over and pulls the blankets over his head, fully intending to point and laugh when he's the only one whose had a decent amount of sleep the next morning.

The next morning both Tamamori and Miyata have ringed eyes but insufferable grins, and that's when Kitayama starts to notice the little changes he'd been ignoring up until then.

Miyata's love confessions and adoring looks are nothing new, but it's the looks he gives Tamamori when there are no cameras and even Tamamori himself isn't paying attention that are the most telling. Tamamori still calls Miyata names and communicates in shoves and punches, but when the three of them are in the bath together, it's Miyata he asks to wash his hair, and Miyata who he insists isn't allowed to fall asleep before he does. If Kitayama lingers in the bathroom to towel off his hair too long or try to sop up the mess on the floor, he knows Miyata and Tamamori will already be curled up on one of the beds together when he gets out, limbs tangled tightly, searching out each other's sensitive spots with familiar fingers.

They always roll apart to draw him into the middle without hesitation, but Kitayama can tell the difference between being invited in and doing the inviting himself. Also, not that Kitayama is ever awake to collect evidence, but he gets the feeling that Tamamori's wake-up calls are a lot different than his these days.

Being intimate with anybody for months would have the side effect of growing closer, all three of them have, but Kitayama knows when Miyata is meeting Tamamori's eyes over his shoulder, when Tamamori's hand slides around his back to grab for Miyata's. When he goes a bit too hard on Tamamori, not that Tamamori wasn't begging for it the whole time, it's Miyata who cleans him up and rubs the backs of Tamamori's thighs with his warm, strong hands.

Kitayama puts off the truth as long as he can, but the fact of the matter is that there's getting close, and then there's getting serious, and it's obvious which one is happening in the bed next to his cot each night. On the other hand, if neither one of them has the balls to confront the other one and confess properly, then Kitayama surely isn't going to meddle with the status quo. Not when the status quo involves Miyata's amazing hands and Tamamori's talented mouth.

It's months and months into their arrangement that Kitayama hosts a home party at his apartment, the occasion nothing more impressive than that there's some seasonal limited-run vodka flavors that he wants to try, and that it's been awhile. Senga agrees to cook for them and Yokoo agrees to help clean up so long as they don't invade his place instead, and so it's all settled, as soon as they can find three or so hours in a row when Fujigaya isn't filming something.

They end up playing Never Have I Ever, which isn't a good idea for their group ever, but Kitayama was distracted by curry and missed his opportunity to exercise his veto rights as host. At least it means he can try a bunch of different vodka flavors, he sighs, already a little buzzed and loathe to actually argue about it.

Nikaido's suggestions are just shameless ploys to get drunk ("Never have I ever roller-skated") and Fujigaya's are usually personal attacks ("Never have I ever been photographed with a fan chasing my pet squirrel in my underwear"), but Senga's are the most dangerous, direct and to the point.

"Never have I ever," he says, "been in love with someone but been too scared it will mess everything up to tell them."

All of them drink, except Nikaido and Senga, and Nikaido looks around at all of them in confusion, bless his simple head. "Why?" he demands. "What's there to be scared of? I love you, Kenpi~."

"Mm, me too," Senga assures, looking content as Nikaido wraps arms tight around him and squeezes him in a showy hug. Senga's eyes are on Tamamori and Miyata though, who only have eyes for each other as they both realize the other one is putting down their glass.

Oh hell, Kitayama sighs to himself, wondering if he should have put a stop to this sooner, or maybe just forced them to get it over with way earlier.

"Tama-chan?" Miyata asks, uncertain, and Tamamori drops his eyes to where his fingers are twiddling the shot glass back and forth, cheeks turning bright pink. "Hey," Miyata says more softly, "can we go talk a minute?"

He stands up and tugs Tamamori to his feet, but doesn't let go of Tamamori's hand as he pulls him towards what dubious privacy Kitayama's bedroom has to offer. Nikaido and Senga exchange glances with each other, but nobody says anything, the room suddenly hushed until Kitayama's bedroom door clicks shut.

When Kitayama glances over, Yokoo is looking right at him.

"What did you do?" Yokoo asks, sounding resigned.

"It's not like I was trying to start a revolution!" Kitayama protests. "I just wanted to get laid!"

"Fantastic," Fujigaya points an accusing finger at Kitayama, nearly spilling his next shot right into his own lap, "now I'll have to listen to even more perverted shit through the wall every night on tour! You deserve whatever they do on your bed in there!"

"Wait!" Nikaido puts his hand up like he's still in junior high, waiting to be called on. "Are you telling me they really were doing it all this time?"

"Oh Nika," Senga says, shaking his head sadly.

"It was just something to do!" Kitayama protests, feeling defensive even though he doesn't think he's done anything wrong. "Just in hotels or whatever, and why not? It's a hell of lot safer than the shit Tabloid-san gets up to."

Fujigaya sneers something back, but Kitayama isn't interested in getting into it with him at the moment. He pushes off the couch and leaves the four of them to it, heading into his bedroom to check in on whatever's going on in there.

They'd better not be doing it on his bed without him.

But when he pushes open the door and sticks his head in, Tamamori and Miyata are just sitting side-by-side on the edge of Kitayama's bed. One of Tamamori's hands is still covered by one of Miyata's, and the two of them are smiling shyly at each other.

"Everything okay in here?" Kitayama asks, stepping the whole way in and pushing the door shut behind him. Miyata looks up with a grin, and Tamamori shifts closer to him, as if he's going to try and hide behind Miyata.

"Yeah, it's fine," Miyata says. "It's really good. Hey, Kitamitsu, the thing is—"

"I know, I got it," Kitayama interrupts gently. "I've known for a while. I should have stopped you a lot earlier."

"I'm not sure I would have had the courage to say anything if you had," Miyata admits, looking sheepish. "Even when I was pretty sure, Ken-chan was right, it was too scary when it could mess up all the good things."

"Idiot," Tamamori says, but he's so transparently pleased that it's hard for Kitayama to work up any ire about the situation at all. Especially not when he's the one that set it up in the first place. Tamamori finally drags his eyes up to meet Kitayama's. "It sucks for you, though, right? Sorry."

"So long as I can still be your roommate, it's fine," Kitayama says with forced cheer. "I wasn't kidding about Nika-chan and my bag, or Fujigaya's alone time."

"Of course," Miyata answers for both of them. His gaze darts to Tamamori. "It isn't like anything has to change really…"

"No, don't do that," Kitayama cuts him off, shaking his head. "Whatever's between you two is new. You should let it become whatever it's going to be before you try and make it anything else."

He knows that's the right choice, can see it in how Miyata laces his fingers through Tamamori's, and how Tamamori is sneaking glances at Miyata's face with a shy smile. But it still sucks to leave them to it in his own bedroom and have to go back out to face the other idiots populating his living room.

Plus now he's back to having nobody to fool around with in hotels. Kitayama is really not drunk enough for this.

"Fuck me," Kitayama grunts, slapping Fujigaya's feet out of his spot and dropping back onto the couch. "They're both skipping, which makes it my turn right? Never have I ever had a threesome with other guys on tour." He throws back his shot without waiting for anyone else, although when he puts his glass down, he notices Fujigaya's is still full. "Don't be a liar, Taisuke, drink up."

"Fuck you," Fujigaya blusters while Nikaido and Senga cackle at his expense. "I never HAVE ever…"

"I didn't say they had to be group members," Kitayama clarifies. "Arashi-senpai count."

"Any senpai count," Yokoo adds drolly, and when Kitayama raises an eyebrow at his full glass, Yokoo reminds him with a cute smile that he specified threesome.

Fujigaya's mouth pinches sourly before he throws his shot back. Senga clamors for details about Sho-senpai and Yokoo cuffs the back of Kitayama's head, and Nikaido hollers "Never have I ever had some of Tackey-senpai's special training!" in an attempt to get things back on track.

Eventually Tamamori and Miyata come back out and rejoin the game, plopping on the floor next to Nikaido and sitting close enough that their shoulders touch but not so close as Nikaido and Senga are sitting, and it's like nothing is different.

Except for how everything is.

Next tour Miyata and Tamamori invite Kitayama to share the bath with them and offer him the other bed. It's comfortable, relaxing, and if either of them notice how Kitayama's body is trained to react to their closeness by now, neither one of them tactfully says anything about it. Kitayama lingers behind in the bathroom to take care of it quickly, and by the time he comes out Miyata and Tamamori are tucked under the blankets of their bed, Miyata hunting up late night anime reruns, and Tamamori already looking half-asleep with his cheek pillowed against Miyata's shoulder.

Miyata looks over across the gap to smile at Kitayama, warm and grateful. Kitayama rolls his eyes a little, but he feels warm too before he ever gets under the blankets.

They watch half an episode of something about a high school full of magic girls before Kitayama makes a big show of wishing them goodnight and rolling over onto his side. He waits patiently, breathing evenly and fending off his own sleepiness, and sure enough it isn't long before the television doesn't quite muffle the sounds of Miyata waking Tamamori back up with his mouth, of Tamamori's whines of protest that turn into soft moans in no time at all.

He could probably roll over and watch openly without them noticing, but just this first time Kitayama stays facing the wall as he tugs his sweats down and palms his already-hardening cock (it's going to take months to untrain that damn thing). He can imagine it easily enough, Tamamori's long fingers and the taste of salt on Miyata's skin, the way Miyata's eyes look dark with concentration and how Tamamori arches against them when he comes.

Kitayama comes over his hand with a soft sigh, wipes himself off with the sheet and tucks himself back in, and if it's not the most intense orgasm he's ever had, at least dancing tomorrow won't be a problem. He falls asleep to the rhythmic rustling of sheets behind him and Miyata murmuring Tamamori's first name over and over, wondering vaguely if he'll ever get to hear them say his name like that again.

Maybe tomorrow night he'll see if Nisen are interested in playing. Being the responsible Leader that he is, he wouldn't want them to feel left out. And somebody has to teach these kouhai all the important things.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…