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Live from New Laptop

I keep trying to post and getting distracted, but i'm determined to manage it before I fall asleep (again).

So, Shoon (black macbook circa 2008) was getting a bit up there but still hanging in pretty well. 4+ years is about the limit for me with laptops though, so i had been gradually putting money back in case something happened, but honestly there was no rush. I was putting it off honestly, since i was still using Leopard (non-Snow even) and I knew Mountain Lion would break every single program, including my long dragged around Word and Photoshop, neither of which i was in a hurry to re-buy.

Randomly Friday at dinner, my father was like, "how much money would I have to give you to get a new laptop right now?"

Because he's still using Soubi, the powerbook circa 2004 that Shoon replaced, poor thing. They caved in and bought my mother a non-mac laptop last year, but dad just uses the powerbook as a desktop (it can't really be unplugged anymore) and just sitting on a desk like that it'll probably last a thousand years. Anyway, NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few weeks, and apparently my father can't take it anymore. So i went online when i got home and ordered a new powerbook, and then drove down to the Apple store in Lancaster to pick it up Saturday. I was thinking i'd be ~$1800 for what i wanted, but actually it was just over $1500 with my educator's discount, 1k of which i had saved outright, so I feel pretty pleased with myself.

As change-averse as I am, I actually feel a lot better about this migration than i did about the last one, even though I think i've lost windowshading for good (the ability to doubleclick a window and have it collapse to just the title bar), and i'm leaving gestures on for now because it seems a lot better than before (when my one fat finger constantly read as two). I think i waited long enough that everything is different enough to make it like i'm learning new things, plus i went in with the mindset that i could give all the newness a try before I leapt right to trying to make it exactly like the old computer.

anyway, all the important things (firefox bookmarks and settings, iphoto and itunes libraries and playlists) all imported with no problems, once I figured out how to make the Library visible again. I even tried Messages for a little bit, but then just downloaded Adium. Messages/iChat is just so UGLY and space-consuming. I hate the fake wordbubbles like crazy.

Also I am PSYCHED about the backlit keyboard, which i missed desperately on the last computer. dude all the colors are BRIGHT AS HELL though. I actually had to go de-saturate my LJ layout a little because it was burning my retinas.

the downside is that between the excitement of ordering/getting/setting up the new computer, I slept only a handful of hours both Friday and Saturday night, and since i was completely destroyed from exhaustion at the end of last week, this one is going to be disastrous. i think I really might have to take a half day and just sleep. And then at some point i have to go over and set dad up on the old laptop, which i'm sure will be as lovely a time as anything that involves him + technology usually is.
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