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A bunch of stuff, idek

*JE100's usual Halloween Trick or Drabble is still going on over here. Could still request stuff (or offer to write?), or if neither of those appeal, there are fics/drabbles going up over there so don't miss out! I've been enjoying reading a lot of stuff already. My plan is to plow through my requests this weekend, so if you want to request something from me yet now's the time.

*my wrist has been hurting for no reason on and off all week. OW. STOPPIT. Starting to worry it's from new laptop or something, but could be i just slept on it funny. Or maybe i re-aggravated the roller-skating injury from the Great Snowpig Migration of 2010.

I love when I get to type sentences that say shit like that. MY LIFE. WHAT EVEN IS IT.

*twitter somehow made me write Tamamiya breathplay (which you guys like WAY too much btw) and now has me writing horror fic. What. Even. The hell.

*There's a meeting at my apartment on Saturday that I am stupidly nervous about, and i should have been cleaning all week but instead see above about breathplay and horror and also I watched the scary Korean movie White earlier in the week and slept like not at all the night after. OOPS. really, i'm the worst adult ever. I don't even have underwear for tomorrow.

*I stayed way too late out with Other Latin Teacher when i should have come home and done all this shit but hanging out with OLT is like the highlight of my entire week. Adult! Adult who thinks Latin yo momma jokes are funny! sometimes I fantasize (my fantasies are so pathetic, really) that we work in the same school across the hall or next door to each other and we get to co-teach and I would do that so hard all day long, ugh. anyway we read Pliny's ghost story letter together and then finished writing the Latin Oedipus story. and toyed with the idea of me tutoring him in Greek (I lol because at this point my Greek is probably total shit).

*NaNoWriMo starts like any fucking second, and I have an idea but not sure what I want to do about it and should outline or like, idek, and I never finished last year's and I'm not probably doing CB-verse so I kind of feel guilty and...oh yeah je hols? not even started. I do this EVERY YEAR WHY DO I DO THIS EVERY YEAR. Self, so stupid, why.

*deep breath* okay going to try and write a bit now cause really want to post the horror fic on Halloween and don't have much leeway there, so.
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