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And the award goes to...

so i have now broken into the realm of total dorktitude: I had a fannish dream. It wasn't as bad as some of you have had, but here's what happened:

I had caved and decided to go to the NYC thing, but it turned out to be like one of those awards shows, with the red carpets and everything. And all my BNFs were getting out of limos in evening gowns, I definately saw icarusancalion, and casira, and ivyblossom, and florahart and marksykins came as a couple (marks, you were wearing the tuxedo), and the whole time mctabby was the joan-rivers-esque news reporter, and she was doing Summary Executions of people's outfits. Then inside, copperbadge was the celebrity host, assisted occasionally by miscellanny. They did random awards like "best kink" (leather collars) and "best pairing" (snarry won, which i was upset about), and then they awarded musesfool the lifetime achievement award for her work on Remix, and they showed one of those sappy montages, with the swelling, epic music, of victoria coding the site.

Wondering where sociofemme and I were? We were the musical guest, doing a special performance of "Grimmauld Place Tango", and elton john was the guest accompaniest (isn't he always?!).

And I managed all of this without having any idea what most of you look like! I swear I'm not making any of this up.

(ps--Victoria, are you reading Laocoon's children? I CRACKED UP when i got to Snape's line about Arthur Weasley and Prophylactics!)
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