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Saw Wreck-It Ralph on Friday night and loved every second of it. Aside from being a font of video game references, it was genuinely a good movie, and I recommend it for all comers. If for no other reason than the short at the beginning is one of my favorite shorts I've seen in a long, long time. It put such a huge smile on my face ♥

Also the song at the end was AKB48 which made me just laugh and laugh, to the point where I couldn't hardly explain it to the RL people I was with. I get so excited when J/Kpop people I know are in movies and things! Like when they played DBSK in the middle of Fast and Furious for no reason and I sat bolt upright in my chair like I KNOW THOSE GUYS OMG OMG.

I am also in love with Kisumai's new single, Ai no Beat, and it's so nice to be able to say that. I like the b-sides, and I'm so happy SMY2 have solo lines/harmony parts. It makes me want a Miyata/Senga duet so badly! all of them have such nice voices, but Miyata in particular, I can't help but hope that these are baby steps to letting him have more of a share in vocal splitting. Rock PV's preview doesn't thrill me, but I have hopes I might like Dance version more.

NaNo's going half-decently, certainly much better than last year. I'm a couple k behind, which isn't optimal since it's the end of the weekend, but it could be worse. I just keep falling asleep all over! no idea why I'm so tired.

We finished Sprout for Drama Night (JESSEEEEE) but no idea what we're going to watch next. Any good suggestions? I'd like something with adults in since we've watched a couple high school things in a row now.
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