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remember when i could actually download things from the internet

If somebody has some idea how to find Ryuusei no Kizuna so that we could watch it for drama night, that would be great. Torrents or dls are both fine, i would even put up with raws at this point since I've seen softsubs around. I've found eps 1 and 3, but everything else is dead for raws/sd/hd, you name it.

we can't stream it because I have to run it through my TV so that four of us can watch it, and streaming quality is too poor for my mother to read the subtitles. yes, i know it's shocking that streaming is not a possibility, but it for serious is not, so don't bother trying to tell me that your pet streaming site is ~better~ i'm sure it will ~~work~~. It won't.

I did manage to torrent the entire run subbed in Chinese, which did not really put me in the best mood to try and dig this up at the last second. I hate how this used to be the easiest part of drama night and now it's so annoying I almost want to quit doing it all together.

ETA: not sure whether one of you are seeding or i just reached my quotient of fail for the day, but as soon as i stopped touching it and walked away in disgust, some of the torrents acquired some people. If it was one of you, thank you!
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