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*survived the JLPT. first section went really well, reading i ran out of time by just a little but didn't feel that bad, listening as always was totally impossible.

*i was a hot mess all weekend because of no sleep last week, so I had no patience for my mother's little old lady mode. I like doing this every year, but if it's scheduled like this next year, I just can't do it. We did shop and eat fried coconut ice cream at the vietnamese place, and the weather was nice. We saw my brother and his gf for dinner sunday, but see above, was at -100% ability to be decent adult in public. I felt like I was about to cry the entire meal knowing I had to drive the whole way back home.

*I was totally set to take off school tomorrow but fml i forgot about state testing, so I could, but it's a gigantic dick move and i won't. sobbing i'm just so tired. SO TIIIIRED.

*itunes just updated itself all over without warning me and all the buttons are in different places now which i hate more than life. can you at least warn me? Also i cannot stand when they fuck with the mini-controller shrink-expand button location. I have been hitting that button for more than 10 years, you just can't move it okay. I'm never going to unlearn it. In comparison i'm not psyched about the lj update window change but mine's been like that weeks already and it doesn't inspire near as much outright rage as when i hit the 'shrink' button and itunes gets bigger instead. WHY. WHYYYYYY.

*I have to write jehols today/tomorrow, which i have an idea for so shouldn't be the end of the world. except i have yet to type a single word.

*half of these sentences don't even make sense when i go back to reread them, not little typos, completely wrong words and no sense at all. today even my students were like "ms [mousi] you need to sleep a lot more okay" after the fifteenth bizarre thing that i did.

*drama night got cancelled tonight, which i totally needed, but now i feel like it's super late and it isn't at all and I have no idea what to even do with myself. a lot of times i feel like messing up my routine even when it's something that gives me a break isn't worth the actual messing up of the routine. WHAT DAY IS IT. WHATS GOING ON.
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