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The Snowpigs look just about as thrilled as I do

Sunday night is always such a struggle, omg. I was out this morning with my family/nephew for lunch and then baby-sitting, and then I had an eye dr's checkup where they dilated my eyes so I was totally useless by the time I got home. I had a killer headache too from the christmas party I was at the night before, which I thought would go away once I drank a bunch of water and moved around, but no good. In the end I had to lie down for a while, and now the amount I want to get up and clean the guinea pigs is zero percent.

So instead I'm sort of trying to sort out Japan stuff (JAPAN IN TWO WEEKS YAY) but ugh complicated and people and things i want to do and idek. I did put in a reservation for a pocket wifi, since now I have the iphone so I think that'll be easier/cheaper than renting a whole phone, plus I won't be scared of breaking it the entire time. Also i'll be there hours before anybody will be able to meet me so I was thinking about hanging around Narita for a couple hours, and checking out the shops and observation deck that I never have before.

I feel like ever since the end of NaNo I can't quite catch up, everything is so busy all the time. Last weekend was JLPT and next is meeting timeripple in NYC, not that I don't want to do those things but ugh need so much sleep and alone time. And I will be getting back from Japan at roughly 11pm the night before I have to go back to school after an airport that is 1+ drive away from home. so it's going to be kind of a big hot mess.

Anyway, I have to actually start guinea pigs or it'll be too late for me to vacuum in my apartment, so I guess I better get my rear in gear D:
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