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Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Second Time Lucky

Okay, I never link the website directly usually, but this was going to not fit even in 2 posts probably and I couldn't manage it at 2:30am on my Japan vacation. you'll just have to comment there or whatever.

Title: Second Time Lucky [Kitayama/Fujigaya]
Authors: mousapelli and ryogrande
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for all the sex
Summary: Fujigaya confesses, and then it turns out that was the easy part.
AN: we went back and forth on this for days and Taipi had all these feelings and wouldn't shut up and Kitayama kept initiating sex and we couldn't make them stop so I guess what I'm saying is that everyone involved had a really good time. Stamina, we has it!

Second Time Lucky [Kitayama/Fujigaya, NC-17]
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