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so i haven't seen it yet, so this is not a spoiler. But we're at just about that point where people start to get testy about such things.

I think it is now time to stop saying "theirloveissocanon" and time to begin saying

Y Sirius Tambien, motherfucker!

so, i don't rec often, and i don't think i've ever done it outside of HP, but here is something entertaining if you're into star wars:

Lost in Translation by Helen
Qui Gon takes a knock on the head and thinks he's Obi Wan's pleasure slave. repeat: pleasure slave.

Obi-Wan grinned as the light breeze through their chambers sent the bifurcated outer layers of Qui-Gon's robe into a small frenzy.

"Well. A Jedi cares not for his appearance."

"That's exactly what I told Master Windu when he asked why you were tricked out like a Ovadi specialty dancer."
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