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*Been reading copperbadge's The Dead Isle for the last couple weeks and I have to say it's one of the books I've enjoyed most in a long time. I'm getting near the end and when I realized today I was so sad it was almost over. I want more of all these people! I can't review properly because I'm not quite done, but I did get to a plot twist that totally shocked me today during study hall, and it's been ages since an author managed to get me that good, much less had characters that I cared about enough to make it work so hard.

Super good! worth all my money! It makes me so happy to give my money to people I actually know, and 9/10 I get a better story that way anyway. And you really can't go wrong with Sam if you are looking for a good storyteller. I wish I could build original universes half as compelling as his are. It makes me want to try so much harder this year for NaNo.

*speaking of books, the next Dresden book came in my Amazon order today, Ghost Story. I'm a book or so behind because I hate buying the hardcovers, and also I was kind of mad about the ending of the last one before this, but refreshingly not mad in a "why does this author suck suddenly" way, just mad in a "i wish this shit didn't happen to characters i like so much" way.

*my juicing book and vegetarian cookbook came in the same amazon order, so I'm looking forward to trying out some of that stuff. I had juice I made for the first time this morning and I think my body was genuinely distressed by me drinking stuff made out of food first thing in the morning. It was actually difficult to drink the whole thing, even though it was totally the same amount of liquid that I've been drinking of a bottle of slimfast every morning since god knows when. I also bought ALL THE FRUIT yesterday for this purpose. The juicer is loud but cool!

*Started watching Battlestar Galactica on netflix, and it's okay so far (on episode 8). I'm sick of imaginary lady trying to be super sexy and titillating on my screen, which i find neither sexy nor titillating and happens about a million times an episode, but other than that I don't find the women intolerable and nobody's done any idiot tv things yet. I mean, it can't be worse than Lost, really, and I made it the whole way through that.

*ABC-Z album! or mini-album, close enough. i hear old + new songs, and I have fingers crossed for some new vocals from Hasshi for older songs and maybe full versions of a couple things I could name. I still don't understand the intensity of my feelings for them whenever something gets announced, but that's fine. It's enough that they make me do the good kind of crying, instead of that other kind.

*otoh, juniors, you guys need to stop know, like that. Baka6 doing Six Senses made me have all these feelings and ugh and underage and please stop only kind of don't. I don't even like Six Senses that much! But when Jesse and Juri and Hokuto do it...Taiga did a bunch of Jin face and mouth and finger and bare shoulder things and I made noises at my computer that Taiga should not ever make me make. And then Sanada/Nozawa did Lost My Way as a duet and I completely overloaded so that by the time ABC-Z was doing Desperado on my screen I cried. It was intensely embarrassing but honestly I just couldn't take one more awesome thing.

*ITS SO COLD OH MY GOD. I went outside and said shit that didn't even make sense it was so cold, like "Jesus! Mary! Christmas!" ugh I hate when it's so cold but there's no snow to get me out of school.

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