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I've been trying to make an LJ post all day but i just like can't with my feelings so it's challenging. But later I will for sure wish I did, so.

Friday night at like 3:30am i was supposed to have gone to bed, like turned off adium but hadn't actually stopped dicking around the internet, and then suddenly there was a confession email in my inbox.

THIS IS VERY SUDDEN BUT I LIKE YOU. which was awesome because actually I had had the same feelings to a lesser but noticeable extent, but had decided on my own to do/say nothing about it because i am a coward and I have a 0% confession acceptance rate, so I don't do that shit anymore. But being confessed to is A+ amazing. Actually that's never happened before, in words, and certainly not suddenly like that, and certainly certainly not when I already wanted it to, so I'm really excited despite the "hey we live totally not near each other at all" factor.

I've been all alkelrjgkeahfkajga all weekend and I can't even believe I have to go to work tomorrow because NORMAL REAL LIFE WHAT IS THAT. That's where people don't confess they like me at 3:30am WORLDS COLLIDING DOUSHIYOUUU.

My truck's been trolling me with "Unmei Girl" every time I get in it. Don't mock me, inanimate objects! I feel like all I am good for is keysmashing and flail right now so job-doing, I'm not sure I can do it. Also bc of inability to sleep after all the excitement friday night, sleep schedule completely derailed. 2am =/= sleepy time.

please let me have a delay for this stupid snow tomorrow, please please please.

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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