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Scarves! For Mother's Day or whatever

So I have a handful of the nice Starbella or Sundance scarves made from trying out various colors, and I thought I'd toss them up here and see if anybody was interested. Would make great Mother's Day or spring presents, my mom gets complimented on the one I made her constantly.

Scarves are $15 including shipping to anywhere in the US, $20 if I have to mail it anyplace that I need a customs form for. I do paypal generally. You can comment here or email me (mousapelli at gmail dot com) if you're interested in any of this.

If you are abroad and your mom/whoever is in the US, I would totally be willing to write a nice note to stick in the package and mail it direct to them.

All scarves are about 55-60 inches, although I just knit until I get to the end of a ball, so sometimes they are a little more or little less. They are nice and soft, and actually a little warm despite how breezy they look.

Here are the ones that are done right this second:

I have a whole bunch of balls of the white with blue stripes version, for whatever reason.

The blue on those last two is more tealy than straight up blue like they look there, but I can't get a color-true shot of that particular one no matter what i do. this post has a pretty accurate shot (its the ball on top).

Here are other colors I have in my possession at the moment. If there's one you really like, I could do one in particular, they usually only take me a few days unless school is super busy.

I also have a couple balls each of the two colors below with the sparkly edging. The purple has a rainbow-y edge, and the white has a gold edge.

Also, while we're on the topic of things I have lying around, here are some other scarves I made and are just sitting around (they were supposed to be gifts but then I changed my mind and made something else). $12 for either of the two potato chip (ruffle) scarves shipping included, and for that other one...idk, make me an offer if you're interested. It's cute but not that big, I was trying out a new yarn.

Although I am a little busy at the moment, I do in general take small commissions if anybody has a baby shower or something like that coming up. The ladies at school usually hit me up for baby hats and the occasional baby blanket, which I am always happy to do.

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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