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Step 3 Isn't What You Think It Is

my gmail finally switched over to the new compose when i restarted firefox. blaaaah why won't you please stop 'fixing' things! Stop it! along those lines, i have done i don't even know what to my neck but it's been killing me for like two days.

okay i do know exactly what, it has a lot to do with curling up on my side and still trying to read/type on my computer until late as hell because I don't want to go to bed and give up cute girlfriend time. but it's not like I'm going to stop doing that so *heats bed buddy*

She keeps making me take pictures of myself but I'm so bad at it \( ^////^)/ Today she was like "will you just smile in one of these?" but i can't! I'm concentrating on holding the phone still and whether I look like a moron! So I asked chem teacher friend at lunch to take one for me and lunch group was all laughing at me so hard because i can't take a picture of my own self smiling, and then she took like seventeen pictures of me in a slideshow of failure, and I got photobombed by government teacher friend. I love my lunch group this year ♥ I'll be sad when it changes next year, but on the other hand I do like getting to eat with different people year to year, depending on whose schedule lines up with mine.

I got some Old Navy stuff in the mail and was really pleased with it, especially a slouchy navy...i guess you'd call it a cardigan, light sweater wrap thing. I bought one of the eyelet dresses too and was really pleased with that because I had to go a size down since they were sold out of mine, and it actually fits perfectly. Aside from being pleased with the dress itself, super nice to have at least one store think I'm a 14 again. I wish Dress Barn would agree pretty soon.

Met with girlfriend approval as well, so I will definitely be packing that one in June XD there was a series of texts about skirts during the day today that had my face so bright red during my off period that I was like holding my water bottle to my face when my next class came in. Fortunately no matter what the temperature of the room is, they all complain it's half too hot and half too cold, so I just agreed with the kids who whined about the heat today.

June get here faster alreadyyyyy. I'm so bad at waiting Orz

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