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Negai no Yozora ni Shine Shine Shine

You know it's a serious problem when your two-time-zones-over girlfriend both gets up later than you AND goes to bed earlier. Normal schedules, what are those? Hopefully she thinks my inability to keep regular hours is a charm point. Maybe she can train me in person eventually ( ._.)ヽ(´~`;)

She texted me a picture of a starfish from the aquarium because my textual rendering of my sprawling all over is usually *starfish*, so I made it my lockscreen background, and now every time my phone lights up with a message I laugh at it. Sorry, fuzzy-hooded Tama lockscreen, you have been replaced~

I am looking forward to lounging around this weekend and doing as little as possible, because next week is DO ALL THE THINGS week. Starting Sunday, I have a little dot on my icalendar every single day all week, which for me, even the sight of that makes me want to cry. Need alone tiiiiiime. Also we're heading into the home stretch for Latin Festival, which is a mixed blessing. on the one hand I want it to be over for the year so badly, but on the other it means trying to pull all the shit together while my students drag their feet every step of the way.

as a consequence of ladytimes suddenly arriving today, all I want in the whole world right now is a good burger and a real coke, so fingers crossed I can talk some school people into that for dinner tomorrow or something. I actually need to get up early enough to hit up the drug store before school but...knowing me...pffft.

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