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One more thing? What am I, a Wizard?

Got to sleep in this morning finally ( _ _).oO sadly I need to do that about fourteen more times but I have shit to do aaaall this week. Social life, this is why I can't have you. I'm also streaming Bad Boys J while I write this, but Keyhole's sound and picture are as usual too jumpy for me to get much out of it, so it's kind of pointless. Still, everyone looks so good! Snowmen look amazing. Nakaken and Hasshi and Nika too, everybody looks really damned good.

I have so much shit to do today pfft.

*get all the hay for guinea pigs
*clean guinea pigs
*redo nails, need to trim them all down noooooo
*write next chunk of colloboration fic and ugh have to figure out Fic2 (shit when is that due?)
*try to finish either blanket I have partly done?
*think I want Chinese food today

Tomorrow morning I'm going to sushi+sumo with my dad in Philly, which I'm looking forward to, but we had to get the earliest show at 11am, so it'll be getting up super early, failure. Sake for breakfast lol. So anyway, need to definitely do pigs today because tomorrow I will be good for nothing, for sure.

Girlfriend and I have made it 2 weeks! it seems like it can't be that already but at the same time these two weeks have been sooo sloooow (uh maybe sleeping more than 3 hrs a night would help). I've told some RL people, most of whom already knew something was up, and then during weekly meeting with other Latin teacher, blurted the whole story out to him as well. He was like "So what's new?" like usual, and I was like WELL. It just sort of came out naturally, and that was the first time I talked about it without being nervous about it, or without really planning to. It was nice ♥ I was like, huh, this is how normal people talk about this stuff pfft.

And then I got a really weird email from the Tea District, that was like "we're looking for 7 people to test pilot a new program we're involved with where you can lose 10-15 lbs during the 24-day program" and underneath my initial reaction of "that's kind of shady, tea website" was also "girlfriend likes me this way anyway." I mean, okay now that I write that this sounds like a self-worth issue, but it isn't! It's not a thing I would have done anyway. It was just nice to have that feeling, like outside source confirms 'no would rather you didn't do that.'

Okay, Keyhole is now refusing to load at all so I guess I better get this junk started. Happy Saturday, yo.

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