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American Pickers

last week:
Tattoo guy: "as soon as that first piece comes off and you see the color underneath, you'll be dying to pick at it to see the rest. DON'T PICK AT IT. it will scab right back over and take three times as long to come off."
me: "pfft, I know better than that. I didn't pick at my other tattoos."

me: "why won't you heal and peel off all I want to do is pick at youuuuuu."

And this was after gym incident Sunday where my sports bra rubbed the whole scab off of 2 1/2 of the stars, so those are probably going to take forever anyway. it's driving me crazy and all of the little star points are so pickable. But at least I have an excuse to be on gym moratorium for the rest of the week.

Today I spent all morning at the med center having all the testing done for them to figure out if I can be in their study. It was no big deal, aside from them needing to draw a dozen vials of blood and me as usual being un-blood-drawable. They had to go through the backs of my hands, so those look nice and bruised right now. I also had to fill out a million little mood questionnaires, one of which was called a "female sexual distress" survey. I told them I wasn't that distressed about either being or having a female ( ^_^)b

Actually, since nearly all of the questions asked either in the last 2 weeks or in the last 7 days, I feel like they don't have a terribly generic picture of me. What they have is the last two weeks of me really happy and excited just by coincidence. If i would have had this appointment this time last month, there would have been a lot different answers, but oh well. Then they made me sit quietly and focus on my breathing for 15 minutes and answer questions about that and it was torture to sit there and do nothing. Also I could listen to myself breath for like a whole 30 seconds before I just started to daydream about napping in bed with ributa, so it made answering the questions about how I cope with my mind drifting to unpleasant thoughts rather difficult, haha.

I have better questions they could study, like why does liking somebody this much = EAT ALL THE FOOD? Seriously dramatic rise in hunger. no wonder dates are all about food!!

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