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The phone is a hang-up of mine

Went to the gym late tonight because my schedule is all out of whack this week and uuugh I am already feeling how that was a terrible idea. also I cannot do the fucking 8 min/8 min run for couch to 5k and it's really starting to irritate me, which consequently doesn't make me do it any better. The actual 5k is this weekend and I'm going to be terrible at it but then at least it will be over, honestly. I'm all over-busy this week so even getting to the gym is a drama, and next week is Latin Festival so probably will be just as bad. I have no idea when I'm going to grade all these silly Latin projects that are all over my classroom.

Somehow it's already been a month with the girlfriend ♥ it seems crazy because it feels like time is dragging by so slow, but it's true. I got all girl AU Kisumai hot Tamamori/Miyata as a 1-month present which I just want to roll all over (even if it's not exactly the girl-on-girl action I want most of all, but can't do anything about that until June, so). Even though we spend a lot of time whining at each other about the distance, I love all the emails and texts I get because of it. We're talking about graduating to actual phone calls/skype just to try different stuff, which is how you know i'm really into it because generally i prefer im/email so heavily over either of those things.

I am falling asleep all over like usual so I'll spare you the rest of my feelings for the moment, but I have a lot of them ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll just go back to dozing beside the computer like usual until I get kicked offline by responsibility girlfriend, which, and I'm sure you'll find this shocking, is not at all me.
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