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I do it all for you, Mulder

Just watched through Bad Blood, which is my very very favorite X-files episode. "But I just put money in the magic fingers!!"

this weeeeeeek, so glad it's over ._______. Latin Festival was a trainwreck (in terms of my students, overall the event went pretty smoothly) and then i had a teacher workday on Thurs right after and a sub who followed none of my plans. I could have slept another 20 minutes instead of coming in to write those, you know!!

Basically the only highlights of the week were going out to dinner with the other younger Latin teachers right after festival setup Tuesday night, and Skype date with the girlfriend Thursday night. For another six hours, haha. She's so cute, she kept her work shirt on to look cute for me and meanwhile I was wearing the ugliest plaid shirt known to humanity because i had my tattoo touched up last night and that's the only shirt i own big enough for me to button some of it and not touch the tattoo.

So I was kind of inadvertently scandalous all chat. I'm low-class girlfriend, what can I say. Anyway, she didn't force me offline until after 2am and then sleeping was a struggle after that because i was still all :DDDDD about it. *rolls around* It's so nice to see her! I want to be like ALL THE SKYPE but it's a terrible idea because we can't get off the Skype once we start and then neither one of us gets anything done or goes to bed reasonably. I'm not sorry. Also I can't come up with a cute name for her and feel stupid just calling her The Girlfriend. Pet names, why so hard.

Mailed all the things at the post office and hit up the bank and the grocery store like an adult. I hard-boiled a bunch of eggs and then made lentil soup! I love the lentil soup. Also i got some super fresh turkey and provolone from the deli and it was so good just rolled up in romaine, oh god. SO GOOD.

Going to NYC with my mother tomorrow and taking her to a Broadway show. I'm looking forward to going to the Kino's and the japanese bakery, but sort of meh about how freaking early i have to get up when I'm already so exhausted. Hope my mother's in a better mood than she's been lately or else we are not going to be a happy parade.

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