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Busy Weekend is Busy

Saturday in NYC was fun despite the 5am start time x____x we took a bus up, which for some reason left from the bowling alley, idek, and got dropped off in the low 50s, so we only had to walk like ten short blocks to get back down to Kino's and the Sunrise Mart where I made my mom get lunch with me because all the oyakodon om nom nom. My uncle came in to have lunch with us and my mom kept trying to get me to go someplace nicer but i was like NOPE. YOU ARE ON MY TRIP NOT OTHER WAY AROUND.

We saw Nice Work If You Can Get It, which I knew nothing about but turned out to be absolutely hilarious. If you are a Broadway show person, I entirely recommend this one. We hung around outside afterwards to see who would come out, and my mother even got her program signed by Matthew Broderick. Then we hit up the UNIQLO because yessss and nearly missed the bus back oops. For some reason the bus trip back seemed to take 900 years, but otherwise I had a good time.

Today I had to do all the chores, but I did sleep in finally. Also I got cute girlfriend mail (it of course came on Saturday when I knew it was there but couldn't see it until I got home forever later), which has pandas and Spanish on it. It's really sweet ♥ As I told her, even if it's something really simple, I love getting mail and I don't get that much. Sometimes I order shit on Amazon that I can totally get in person just for the packages. i actually mailed a bunch of things to people on Friday afternoon, and keeping the secret on two of those is totally hard. One especially, because I had been planning it for like a week prior while I acquired things and put it together, so I've already been keeping that secret for days and days.

Mm, did I have other things to say? Halfway through last marking period and really really looking forward to the end of school, because my staff is like melting the fuck down. Also maybe it has something to do with getting to finally see my girl at the end of June (´ ▽`).。o♡ waaaaaant.

here's hoping this week is 500% tamer than last week.
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