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I was digging back through my iphoto library trying to find a picture of myself in glasses where I didn't look like a complete idiot, difficult because i only ever wore them when I was looking trashy at the airport and things, when I stumbled over a couple pictures of myself+girlfriend at the 2009 HP con. It's not even just that we're in the same picture or something, one of them is us taking a squished-together face shot.

lol whaaaat. It's entirely embarrassing because I remember that whole trip so much less clearly than she does. I'm so bad with faces and there were all the people! I didn't know there was going to be a quiz later!! five years...later... life is so weird. It's so strange that those pictures were just sitting there in my iphoto library all that time. Anyway, she got all excited over them when I emailed them, and meanwhile I was just like "say you swear to god we will take pictures that look better than this in June."

I mean, i will still look like me in them, but I will hopefully not be all head-thrown-back-tipped-sideways like I am the subject of some impressionist photography or something. I'm glad they exist and everything, because awwwww, but yikes. Selca, why are you so difficult.

Chem teacher friend and I are all scheduled for pedicures on saturday for our combined 50 gym trips. Yay!! At first I had way more trips than her on our shared calendar, but she caught up when I had to quit going because of the tattoo. Dammit! not that the gym is helping a fucking thing~ because it isn't~ sigh, someday science will fix me.

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