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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on my flist!

we grilled outside at my parents' house for my mother and sister-in-law (this time they moved the grill out so we wouldn't melt anymore siding on the house), and the weather was beautiful which was a nice change because it's been thunderstorm after thunderstorm here lately. I bought SiL a plant just because it said "Pick Meeee!" on the tag, as if Fujigaya were somehow a plant you buy at the grocery store.

I took all the plastic off my windows finally, which is exactly why it's going back down to freezing one of the nights this week, thanks so much for that. Purportedly the apartment complex guys are going to come by in the near future to measure me for new windows, which I am super duper excited for because I have windows from roughly the Mesozoic Era. They also swear they can change the rusty drain in my shower, which I would be thrilled about as well.

End of school, hurry up ;____; I'm so burnt out and we have weeks and weeks yet, and I don't frankly see it getting any better. You know we didn't even get a thank you email for teacher appreciation week? Not from building admin, or admin admin, PTSO, no one. I think that pretty much says it all. Is this thing where everybody hates public school teachers going to ever end? Because really, I could be a lawyer and make a hell of a lot more money while people hate me.

We determined on Skype last night that we have made it past the halfway point for how long from confession to girlfriend visit. Five weeks! that was the only useful thing we did on skype, haha. we always run out of stuff to say and end up just staring at each other, but I like that too~ Maybe I should offer to read books out loud or something XD or maybe we'll just keep doing what we're doing.

I meant to start Fic2 this weekend, I really did, but that 100% did not happen. Oops.

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