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I cleaned out a box that had a 1999 X-files calendar in it

I just dehoarded another couple shelves in my bedroom and there is no yarn on my floor right now! It's sad I'm excited about that, really. I keep trying to do little areas so it's not overwhelming but it's still frustrating because there is so much stuff. My apartment complex's big yard sale is next weekend so I have a pile going for that, but if we had fifty yard sales idk how much difference it would honestly make.

But i feel like I reached a hoarding tipping point where I looked around and realized that at some point the girlfriend is going to surely visit and ask a lot of questions about my ability to adult, assuming she can even fit in here with all this junk, so maybe I had better do a lot better than this.

Speaking of my girl, she sent back the mp3 mixtape with stuff for me on it and it got here Wednesday. I love it ♥♥♥ Her song choices kept making me flap my hands at my computer. So I was still kind of in a state from that when I was answering a normal email from her and right in the middle I gave up the pretense that I was going to make it five more weeks just saying "i like you" when plainly it's way more serious than that.

ironically if I hadn't been on the phone I would have changed my mind before I sent it, but it's hard to erase and I was late for the class change already so I just embraced my insanity for the two seconds it took to be too late to undo it even if i got panicky about it (which i did, a little). But it turned out fine in the end *rolls all over* I'm so happy about it lately that it's kind of gross, sorry, flist XD

Tomorrow I really have to get out of bed on time because I have a bridal shower to go to with my mom and my brother's girlfriend and I have no idea how long I'll be there. This week is going to be super busy, oh god.

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