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This post is too long and I need food

I finally have a minute to catch up, so here you go.

*got new linoleum! It looks so much better. After I swiffered it three times because the maintenance guys never clean up after themselves. They're supposed to come back and give me new windows soon, fingers crossed.

*big annual yard sale at my apartment complex was yesterday. I went at it really seriously this year for reasons and although I certainly didn't clean out all the places I need to in my apartment, I did get rid of a pile of books easily twice my size, two lawn garbage bags full of clothes, a huge stack of DVDs/VHSs, and a bunch of stuffed animals/stuff that just sits around.

In true hoarding style, it doesn't look like I did that much since I'm so good at packing things into spaces. My closet looks like I did nothing! but I do have two bookshelves that are completely empty. Also I got rid of the desk in my room that I was doing nothing with, so that does look better. I made ~$40, which is certainly better than nothing, and I have a bunch of quarters now so I can do laundry again, yay!

*re last bullet point: I hurt all over. I have bruises all over. I went up and down my steps at least 100 times to take all that stuff outside and it was all heavy and then we had to pack up the leftover junk to take to the clothes donation box/book recycling box. I even gave in and took a bath last night which I never do but the girlfriend insists will help. It was pleasant, I suppose, but the only thing it really did was make me smell like honeysuckle since I had a leftover Lush bath bomb.

*Saw Epic last night and it was cute. Maybe not worth the 3D money? But funny and sweet and I was completely invested in the relationship between the Queen and the head of the guard instead of the girl and the hot young leafman like I was supposed to be, damn. Also I had a hard time concentrating in the middle because I was so tired and kept thinking about other stuff.

*I have a bunch of household stuff to do today, ugh. I can't even make breakfast yet because my sink is so full of dishes, and it's guinea pig day, and I HAVE TO HAVE TO start fic2. I'm so tired of doing things and how you never come to the end of the things. Where is the reward for all of the cleaning and purging I did this week? Oh wait it's laundry and dishes and guinea pigs. No wonder people live with their parents until they die, jesus.

*2 month anniver-sari with the girlfriend this week, which was surreal. She mailed me something but it didn't come before long no-mail weekend D: that's okay, we're even, because I didn't mail her thing until Thursday. Long distance, we fail at it. We Skyped late Thursday on the day of and she had to see my maintenance/yardsale trashed apartment, plus I was still trying to fix the bookcase that the maintenance guys had knocked over. Less than a month until I see her! Sometimes I wish she would have confessed earlier because of how happy I am, but then I think oh god if this first impossible stretch were any longer I would freak out. waaaaaaaant.

At class Thursday night, they finally asked what I was doing in AZ since it means I'm going to miss our only Saturday class (cry me a river) and I was like "I'm visiting my girlfriend!!" ...but I'm pretty sure nobody in that room took it like I really meant it. Then again, these are the women who are shocked (SHOCKED) that on food labels one serving doesn't equal one package. I have to say that as tedious as class can be, I do come out of there feeling a lot better about myself just by comparison.

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