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David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me

I don't know why it takes me a whole week to post every time.

Up to the end of season 5 of my x-files rewatch, which means X-FILES MOVIE TIME. Ugh I love this movie so much. So much Mulderface and Scully in Italian suits and I just want to roll around in their chemistry like ugh so fucking much. Mulder's speech about how Scully owes him nothing, and their faces when he gives her CPR, and then the very end when he's like "DID YOU SEE THE SPACESHIP DID YOU SEE DID YOU SEE" and she's like "I see it, I see it" but they do it all with their faces, I can't even.

Plus kissing! I might be all about kissing lately, for reasons. and snuggling and hand-holding and it's making it really hard to write this stupid fic2 that's supposed to be all angsty because I am A+ not angsty at all. 17 days until I see my girl!! I feel like at some point here I will get worried about it, but apparently not yet, still just really excited. She mailed me an Ellen Degeneres book for our 2 month anniversary which totally cracked me up, and a card about penguins. I mailed her an octopus and cards with giraffes. WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS. It's the best ever ♥♥♥♥♥

I went out to the pool for the first time today and it started to rain literally as I stepped out the door. But I went the whole way out there so I got in the pool anyway in the rain because I'll be damned if i was going back inside for nothing. It cleared up after a bit and then I got too much sun anyway because I'm an idiot. And I really really need to get aloe gel that isn't sparkly because it's just seriously embarrassing. Hope my girl is Team Edward because *SPARKLES*

Last week of school, come to meeeeee *grabby hands*

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