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All the Grabby Hands

I am eating kohlrabi because it came in my CSA box and I feel very adult. in the last two weeks I have roasted radishes and baked kale chips and smoothied strawberries and baconed asparagus. WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL SEND NEXT WEEK. although really it would be hard to top the weirdness of the kohlrabi. my dad literally said "what the fuck is that?" when i pulled it out of the box. It's okay with some rice vinegar, but not something I'd buy on my own.

I also finished a baby blanket in four days because all I did at school was crochet while I proctored every single final exam. It wasn't awful except for the last one which was pretty brutal in terms of inability to shut keep one's mouth shut for a whole hour and a half. But now it's done! Graduation and finals and everything! I have two more official work days and a couple trainings, but the worst of it is over and all I have to do is draaaaaag myself over the finish line.

In less pleasant news, Nokkun (guinea pig) has had a worsening tumor on his back for weeks and at this point it's pretty serious. I've been calling him tumor pig because I'm terrible. He's lucky that it's in the one spot that doesn't interfere with walking or eating or any important guinea pig business, but I think in the last couple days he's started to lose his ability to groom himself, or maybe i'm just noticing because Sanapig is probably grooming him some. He's just sitting on me quietly, which for him means he is not at all feeling himself. I wish I could do something for him. Also I'm a little worried that when he does die in the nearish future, Sanapig might go right along with him because they've never been more than a meter apart their entire lives. pigs ;_____; why are you such lovable poop machines.

Oh well. I have a new mix tape from my girl ♥ 13 days until I'm there! The guinea pigs will be glad to see me go because there are a lot of Koreans who aren't SHINee on this tape, and the Snowpigs do not approve of that. ugh she's so cute and I can't even wait. Even if she makes me send her dweeby pictures of myself in my master's getup at graduation, lol. I am for sure looking forward to a whole week when I don't have to take pictures of myself! I'm no good at it!

summer you are so cloooose *grabby hands*

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