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Nonpig ;______;

So Nokkun died Monday morning. As predicted, he was acting completely normal Friday, Saturday was okay but napping a lot more, and Sunday he stopped eating and spent the day lying on a towel next to me. I ended up staying up all Sunday night with him, because it surely looked like it would be any minute, but then in the morning I drove him over to my parents' house before school because I couldn't bear to leave him alone. Dad texted me about an hour later to say he'd died watching TV with him.

Nokkun was always the calmest snowpig, and I never figured out whether he was the most or least dominant because Sanapig and Datte always fought with each other and never with him. He was unimpressed with the terrible TV that Sanapig and I watch together, liked carrots the best, and for some reason would get really excited about bagpipe music. He was never farther away from Sanapig than two feet in his entire life, and if I had Sanapig out longer than ten minutes, Nokkun would pace at the edge of the cage anxiously, trying to see where I had him. I think the thing I'm going to miss most is looking over and seeing Nokkun grooming Sanapig over the food bowl super domestically. I'm going to miss my nonpig otp ;____________;

Sanapig seems to be sort of doing okay, like he's eating and stuff. But he's spending about 85% of his time napping under the ledge, poor guy. I was a sick mess during last day of school yesterday because of not sleeping + everything, but I slept like 10 hours last night and I feel better now. ugh, pigs.

Also, because FML, this was the only guinea pig who could have died out of the four and yet not reduce the number of cages that I have to clean, because Sanapig and Datte are the two that can't live together *shakes fists*
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