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busy summer is apparently busy

I have done a ton of stuff this week despite it being my first week of summer, what is that about. This morning I went strawberry picking with my dad early, because it was free for members of my CSA, and it was really fun! I have never picked my own fruit before. i came home with half a beach bucket of strawberries, not because I think I will eat that many (i already froze a ton outright) but just because it was fun to pick them so I kept going. Then I met Chem teacher friend for lunch and ate my face off at the sushi place.

Yesterday, if you didn't see on Twitter or Tumblr, I used my CSA napa cabbage and made gyoza from scratch using this recipe and folding directions, and they turned out really well. They were soooo goooooood. Completely worth dedicating my whole afternoon too, especially given how many I froze for later. It was a huge struggle to wait through my ~3 hour nutrition class to come home and eat them, though. Stop teaching us things! I want to go eat food!!

5 days until I see my girl *____________________* wah excited! I need to sit down and make a list of the stuff I'm supposed to be taking because I will totally forget stuff otherwise. I think we are having a rollerskating date XD and an aquarium date. It's like we're in a drama! except it better not take us all 10 episodes just to kiss because I do not exactly roll like that. And I feel it's unlikely there will be any busaiku-type office kissing. Maybe kitchen though? Lol and maybe car except I will 100% be the idiot who starts to lean over and nearly gets choked by my still-buckled seatbelt.

although if my lady times do not arrive in the next two days I will have it on the plane (plus, you know, there) and uuuuuuugh. body, i just want to be friends with you, why do you have to dick me over at every single turn? I exercise! I eat fruit! It's summer so I'm sleeping! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME. Haaaaaate.

speaking of the gym, I guess I ought to go there because see earlier about ALL THE SUSHI.

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