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packing failure quota reached

I'm just so bad at it! I can't pack the bunch of stuff I need to use in the morning and I know I'll forget something important and ugh who even cares.

I am leaving for AZ tomorrow morning! all the excitement I can't even. I'm so excited to see my girl ♥ I'm in bed already because earlyish morning tomorrow to drive to the airport, but I feel like sleeping is kind of the impossible dream. I can't waiiiiit hurry uuuuup. it feels so weird that after all this waiting it's finally here. ♥♥♥♥♥

although, because nothing can ever be easy, yesterday my jaw kind of hurt a little on one side and then was weirdly stiff as the day went on. This morning it hurt to do like anything on that side. seriously what the hell, I didn't do anything! I just woke up like this! I've been taking advil all day in the hopes it will just stop it jfc but it's doing nothing. amazing.

okay so I'm going to try and sleep at least a couple hours. See you guys tomorrow from the PHX airport I am sure.

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