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Title: Keep the Hat On [Fujigaya/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Senga takes Fujigaya on a surprise date.
AN: Motivational girlfriend strikes again ( ^_^)b Also Fujigaya is a sucker for theme parks and the Moshimo where he is all over Tokyo Disneyland is just the cutest thing ever.

Keep the Hat On

"Really?" Fujigaya asks, and he would roll his eyes except they're still closed. "You want me to get out of bed right now? Kento, even regular non-idols are all totally asleep right now."

"Aw, come on, Taipi," Senga wheedles over the phone. "It'll be worth it, I promise."

Fujigaya doubts anything can be worth the time of this phone call, but still an hour later finds him at Shinjuku Station, dressed casually as per instruction, waiting for Senga. The way Senga's face lights up when he spots Fujigaya is almost worth giving up his free day for this.

"I'd try and surprise you, but the bus is going to give it away," Senga says, which is no joke because nearly everybody else on the bus is under the age of ten and half of them are already wearing mouse ears. Fujigaya wants to tease him about how high school a date to Disneyland is, but he can't stop grinning long enough to do it plausibly.

He drags Senga around to all the places he checked out during his Moshimo Tours trip, telling him stories about what happens when you let A.B.C-Z loose in a theme park, pushing weird themed foods into Senga's hands to try (or finish after Fujigaya has a few bites and gets distracted). Senga is a willing audience and food critic, happy to be dragged from ride to food stall to ride, happy to do whatever makes Fujigaya happy.

They're both over-full and giddy with exhaustion on the bus ride home, poking at each other like little kids and giggling about who is going to get yelled at most about being out in the sun too long and going totally off their approved diet list.

"Come home with me," Senga says, shoulder at Fujigaya and giving him a hopeful look. "Stay over?"

"This really is like a high school date," Fujigaya teases, poking Senga in the side a little harder. "Are your parents away for the weekend or something?"

"Taipi!" Senga protests, slapping at his hands, but Fujigaya says okay, okay, and Senga grins the rest of the way home.

Fujigaya doesn't look surprised at all when he's barely flopped on the couch before Senga crawls into his lap and bends his head to give Fujigaya a light kiss, testing.

"Hm?" Fujigaya asks when Senga lifts his head. "Ken-chan, you didn't have to do all that if you just wanted to fool around."

"But you had fun, right?" Senga presses, reaching up to brush thumbs across Fujigaya's cheekbones. "I wanted to have fun with you, just the two of us for once. I didn't do it just so that you would put out."

"It's cute how you try and defend my honor, when that's exactly the kind of girl I am on a first date," Fujigaya snorts.

"You're not a girl," Senga says, leaning in for another light kiss, and another. "Hence the basis of your appeal."

"Mmm, I like where this is going," Fujigaya encourages. "Can we at least move to your bed, though? My legs are exhausted. And I hope you plan on doing the work."

They tumble into Senga's bed in a heap, still kicking off sweat-damp T-shirts and jeans. Senga means to go right for the gold, but he gets distracted tasting the salt on Fujigaya's skin, running his lips over Fujigaya's shoulders, his collar bones, the curve of his neck.

"That's nice," Fujigaya praises, stretching out underneath Senga lazily. He works a hand into Senga's hair and flexes his fingers against Senga's scalp. Senga makes a low noise, muffled against Fujigaya's skin. "Don't stop."

Senga works his way down Fujigaya's skin, mouth lingering on Fujigaya's nipples, on the bottom of his ribcage, just above his bellybutton, until Fujigaya begs him to get on with it, please. Chuckling, Senga shifts down far enough to lick at Fujigaya's tip, grinning at how Fujigaya twitches from just the teasing touch.

"Seriously, come on," Fujigaya groans, pushing up into Senga's touch. Senga sucks him in past his lips and works him over more seriously, and it looks so good. Fujigaya can't take his eyes off the way that Senga's lips wrap around him, the way that Senga keeps glancing up to catch eyes with him. Fujigaya rocks his hips up slowly, in rhythm with Senga, and Senga doesn't stop him.

"Hm?" Senga asks when Fujigaya pushes him back, his lips sliding off of Fujigaya's cock.

"I don't want to come like that," Fujigaya explains. "Don't you want me?"

"Yeah," Senga agrees, face lighting up just like it had at the train station that morning, and yeah, that's exactly what Fujigaya wants.

Senga works Fujigaya open patiently, his hands strong, and Fujigaya thinks he wouldn't mind getting off like this sometime, squeezing around Senga's fingers. But right now he wants more, wants Senga over top of him and inside of him, wants everything Senga will give him.

"I'm good, I'm good," Fujigaya says, trying to squirm off of Senga's fingers. Senga doesn't argue with him, whether he believes it or not, only pulls his hand away and rolls on a condom. When Senga starts to push inside, Fujigaya groans Senga's name as he tries to relax into it, squeezing his eyes shut and twisting his fingers in the sheets.

"Tell me when," Senga says when he's the whole way inside. Fujigaya peels his eyes open to see Senga looking down at him. His brown eyes are dark but concerned, his hair already in sweaty curls. The way he's holding himself up makes the muscles in his shoulders and biceps stand out, and Fujigaya lifts a hand to trace along the edges of those curves.

"Okay," Fujigaya says when he can breathe again. "Yeah, go."

Senga starts out slow, making sure, and that's nice of him, but what Fujigaya really wants is the slap of Senga's skin against his, to get him deeper and harder. He arches into Senga's thrusts, encouraging him with low moans. Fujigaya lets his head fall back and his eyes fall closed, getting into it, just feeling Senga inside of him. He can't get off this way, or at least hasn't ever before, but Senga is driving him close to it, hitting him perfectly and not showing any signs of reaching his own limit.

"You feel amazing," Senga groans, the low pitch of his voice making Fujigaya moan softly back. "Can you touch yourself? I can't reach and I don't want to stop."

Fujigaya works a hand in between their stomachs to wrap around his cock. He strokes slowly, wanting it to last just a little longer, but he's too far gone to hold off. It's only another minute before he's coming, spilling hot over his hand and squeezing tight around Senga.

"Fuck, Taisuke," Senga gasps, shivering along with Fujigaya. "Want me to pull out?"

"No," Fujigaya murmurs, still riding the aftershocks. "Feels good, don't stop."

Taking Fujigaya at his word, Senga focuses on chasing his own pleasure. He looks amazing, eyes squeezed shut and panting hard, muscles flexing as he pounds into Fujigaya. Fujigaya feels like he could watch it forever. All too soon, Senga's rhythm falters and he shudders himself out.

"Wow," Senga says, opening his eyes to look down at Fujigaya. "Damn, you look good."

"Not so bad yourself," Fujigaya agrees. Senga's arms give out right about then, but it just means he's close enough for Fujigaya to kiss him, taking all the time he wants.

"Worth getting up this morning?" Senga asks once he's gotten both of them cleaned up and under the blankets. Fujigaya hums a yes, already half-asleep. "Good. Not like we have off-days to do this very often, so..."

"Next time," Fujigaya reaches behind himself without looking to pat at Senga clumsily, "you can just wear the mouse ears."

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