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regular schedule I cannot has it

I'm so useless in the summer, it's sad. apparently I am one of those people who need to be kept on a rigid schedule /not news.

But after I managed to crawl out of bed about 1, I did clean guinea pigs and vacuum, and now at 4 I am eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Or maybe lunch, since I intend to crush chocolate chip cookies into the milk. Datte has broken his top teeth seriously enough that they still haven't started to grow back in a week later, and I'm getting worried that he messed them up for permanent and I'll be taking him to the vet like once a week to get his bottom teeth trimmed (because unless the top and bottom grind together when they chew, rodent teeth grow forever until they can't eat or close their mouth). I THINK I caught him at how he does it, though, which is to stand up on his ledge and try to chew the bars ABOVE him, and then I think they get stuck because he's pulling straight down. so now to add to the list of ridiculous things I have done for guinea pigs is "cover all the bars on the ceiling of one side of the cage with packaging tape." I guess I ought to take his ledge out, but he hides under it as well as sits on it and I feel bad since space is at a premium in his cage, given the ridiculous size of all of my guinea pigs.

also the bathtub wasn't dry like I thought it was when I put Sanapig in there while I did his cage, so when I came back he was not a happy guinea pig. oops. and you know, when I put them all back in their clean cages, after they sniff everything to make sure I didn't mess up all their stuff, they all nap right away, as if they've done all the hard work. "I suppose this will be sufficient, wake me when the afternoon lettuces arrive."

Not much else interesting is going on here. I'm in the middle of season 9 of X-files, so almost done, and then when I felt really awful the other day I started catching up with One Piece because nothing is so bad OP can't improve it at least slightly. I'm at about 580 there. Even saying that number is sort of embarrassing lol. So many hours of my life o__O WORTH IT. Also I'm working on a circular blanket that is sort of cute but no idea what I'm going to do with it when I'm done. It's TamaMiya colors.

Watermelon nails! Turned out pretty well.

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