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I think Hazleton might be Silent Hill

Drove out to Tannersville to meet up with [personal profile] snowqueenofhoth at the outlets yesterday. The weather was ugly with a lot of fog, but it's a pretty straight shot up the highway so the drive wasn't bad. I got a new jacket for winter which I'm pretty pleased with and a skirt for school which is really pretty but will probably match nothing lol. Still no first day of school dress, I'm not having any luck with that. And we traded stuff we've had for each other for months, oops.

My windows got replaced finally! well, all but one, close enough. They look 3000% better than the old ones. So clean! I keep looking over and thinking there's nothing there which is weirding me out a little. 3B came over this morning to help me put my curtains back up because I'm too short to do it successfully alone. Fingers crossed, I won't have to put any plastic on my windows this winter, which would make me so happy you don't even understand.

I got rid of another couple bags of clothes and two huge tote bags full of books, which on the one hand I'm proud of myself but on the other hand it still looks like I'm not doing anything. seriously, that's just unfair. People should hire me to pack their stuff into unbelievably small spaces because apparently I am a genius at it. The last two big things I want to do before school starts is go through the magazines so that they actually fit on the bookshelf, and then the storage room thing I have in the laundry room which I'm sure has junk in there that I can't even imagine.

Nails for the week:

The camera won't pick up the gold stars on the darker nails, but I think it turned out well.

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