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and so it begins

This is my last week of summer before I have to do a bunch of school stuff next week, so naturally I couldn't sleep at all last night. Is that better than anxiety dreams? I'm not sure, but no worries, those will show up next week. Perversely, I'm actually a little excited about my schedule this year so I think that's what's making all the pre-school ick start early, because I simultaneously want to get this show on the road already and don't want to go back at all.

chem teacher friend and I were commiserating about that because her wedding is this winter, and I want to see my girl again like crazy, so both of us need the school year to start to get through to the important junk, but uuuugh start of school is so stressful and sleepless and anxious. I would switch to year-round school in a heartbeat if it would make this first part any better.

I apologize in advance for just-before-start-of-school me, if you haven't been here for this before. in addition to my usual annual ick, I have to housesit for my parents and their ancient beagle for the first two weeks of school. I only agreed because six months ago I thought for sure the dog would never make it this long. ;____________;

ugh whatever. other stuff:

Je hols signups! right here! i haven't put together my signup but I will. There's a pretty good spread of groups so far, I think.

Girlfriend and I finished Sharehouse no Koibito which i really enjoyed. It was so funny! plus surprise BL lol. Sadly grown-up Yuto was not involved in the BL, but his scandalized face when he figured out what was happening was totally worth giving that up. we don't have any plans for a next thing to watch, she's busy with school stuff and soon i will be too, but it makes me feel better when we're doing something in particular together.

Starting season 4 of Fringe, so I'm officially into episodes I haven't seen. I've also been watching more My Little Pony episodes because they are honestly entertaining. the one where the littler ponies were trying to hook up their teacher for valentine's day had me on the floor because my students get on that once in a while, which has an extra edge of hilarity now that I 100% do not need them to find me a man because I in fact have a lady.

All the crocheting! Finishing Gimmick_game's blanket in the next day or two because I had better get cracking on my nephew's birthday present. that totally snuck up on me, oops. Good thing crocheting is the only thing I honestly want to do lately.

Off to try and finish fic before I meet other Latin teacher this afternoon.
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