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Title: Attention Deficit [Takaki/Chinen]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Those drama guys are way too familiar with Takaki, and Chinen doesn't like it.
AN: I'm vying for senpai's attention via the medium of porn. She wanted Chinen/somebody because she's spending way too much time in the HSJ tags lately.

Attention Deficit

Chinen knows as well as anybody the value of having good concert backers, and he certainly appreciates these guys like Juri and Shintarou insomuch as their work ethic makes his life easier during both practices and performances. But that doesn't mean he has to like it when every time he turns around, they're hanging all over Takaki.

"Scowl harder," Yabu comments, busily putting his concert costumes back in order on their rack for the next day's show. Chinen is supposed to be doing that too, but he keeps getting distracted glancing over his shoulder. Juri is laughing at least three times harder than necessary at how Takaki is letting Shintarou shamelessly cheat at their height contest.

"They're too familiar," Chinen grumbles. Other than raising an eyebrow, Yabu doesn't comment on how patently ridiculous that statement is. Takaki's the same with everybody, no matter how much older or younger, and so it's hardly a new development that guys in the next batch down find him approachable.

But something about the way Juri has his hand on Takaki's shoulder, how casually Shintarou shoves at Takaki, is getting right under Chinen's skin.

"Just because they filmed a dumb drama together," Chinen says.

"Keep pouting, I think it's working," Yabu advises. Chinen turns his scowl towards Yabu, and Yabu bops him on the head with a closed fist. "Multi-task, can't you? Be jealous and sort those out, do you want to be here all night?"

"Your mom wants to be here all night," Chinen retorts. It's not one of his better comebacks; he must have used up all of his A material during the MC.

"Your sister wants her haircut back," is Yabu's easy reply, and he roughs up Chinen's hair on his way past, his own organizational chore done. Chinen sticks his tongue out, then nearly bites it when another loud whoop from Juri sets his teeth on edge.

Back at the hotel, Chinen stops in his room long enough to strip off his street clothes and tug on an old T-shirt and pajama pants instead, then goes right back out to knock next door. Inoo answers, and lets him in, calling over his shoulder that it's Chinen.

"Cards in Yuto's room, want to come?" he asks. Chinen shakes his head, and Inoo heads out, shutting the door behind him. Daiki's gone too, his cot empty, but Takaki is stretched out in bed, wearing plaid pajama pants that only a JUMP member would own and bangs palmtreed for a night in.

"You didn't want to go?" Chinen asks.

"Nah, Keito already robbed me of all my vending machine change yesterday, that freaking shark," Takaki comments, eyes on the television as he flips channels. His attention shifts when Chinen crawls on top of him without preamble. "Hm?"

"Yuyan," Chinen says, letting a little of the pout from earlier creep into his voice. He settles with his cheek pressed against Takaki's shoulder, arms around Takaki's chest. "Don't let those Bakaleya brats crawl all over you so much."

"What?" Takaki laughs, but his hand settles on Chinen's back, rubbing slow circles. "Aw, who's jealous?"

"Shut up," Chinen orders.

"Cute," Takaki says, making Chinen frown harder. "If you want my attention, all you have to do is ask. But aren't you a little old to compete with those guys?"

Chinen pushes himself up to a sitting position in Takaki's lap, glaring at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

He isn't expecting at all for Takaki to lean forward and kiss him, surprised enough that he hasn't responded at all and his eyes are still open when Takaki sits back.

"That's what it's about, right?" Takaki asks, looking self-confident enough that Chinen would grab the front of his shirt and shake him, if he were wearing one.

"What? No!" Chinen protests, but his eyes keep drifting back down to Takaki's mouth. "No?"

"You don't want to kiss me?" Takaki's pout is faker than his hair color, and Chinen shoves at his chest. "Because, you know, the attention I want to give you is a little different."

"Like what?" Chinen asks, even though their situation makes it pretty obvious where Takaki is going with it. Chinen's cheeks feel warm and he's annoyed with himself for responding like such a stereotypical starry-eyed kouhai.

"Kiss me and find out," Takaki says with a wink, and ugh, Chinen has no idea who taught this idiot lines like that. He kisses Takaki firmly just to shut him up.

It's a lot more worth doing now that Chinen is participating, kissing back as Takaki's lips move against his. One of Takaki's hands slide up under his T-shirt, splaying warm across the small of Chinen's back, and Chinen's mouth falls open in a soft gasp. Takaki takes immediate advantage, sweeping his tongue across Chinen's lower lip, touching it teasingly against Chinen's.

"See?" Takaki murmurs against Chinen's mouth. "Good, right?"

"Uh-huh," Chinen says, distracted. He twists fingers in the long strands of hair brushing Takaki's neck and shifts closer, as close into Takaki's lap as he can get. He can feel Takaki getting hard against him through the thin fabric of their pajama pants, and he rocks down against him, starting to harden himself.

Takaki hums approval, fingers dragging over Chinen's back and leaving lines of heat in their wake. "Let me have you, like this." One of his hands slides around to Chinen's front and down to squeeze Chinen's cock. He rubs his thumb against Chinen's length, until Chinen is lifting his hips into the touch. "I'll make you feel good, Chii, come on."

"Like this?" Chinen asks. It's hard to focus his thoughts with Takaki's hands on him, the way that Takaki is pressing kisses to his jaw and down his neck.

"This way I can see all of you," Takaki says. "That's what you wanted, right? For me to look at you."

Chinen pulls back so that he can look at Takaki without going cross-eyed, and finds Takaki looking up at him with his whole attention, dark eyes fixed firmly on Chinen.

"Yeah," Chinen answers, the pleasure of all that attention going right down his spine, straight to his cock. "That's exactly what I want."

He has to crawl off of Takaki, with some grumbling, so they can both kick off their pajamas and so that Takaki can grab the lube and condoms from his bag. He narrows his eyes when Takaki plants a hand in the middle of his chest to keep Chinen from getting back into his lap.

"Don't waste it on this part," Takaki says. "Your thighs will get tired before anything good." He brushes his hand down, over Chinen's stomach, fingers teasing over his cock, before they finally settle in the crease of his ass. "Lean back, spread your legs a little more."

Chinen flops the whole way onto his back, closing his eyes and letting Takaki do whatever he wants. The faster he relaxes, the faster they can get on with this, he knows, so he focuses on how long Takaki's fingers how, how nice they feel rubbing at his rim before Takaki starts pushing the first one inside. Because he isn't watching, Chinen jumps at the first wet touch of Takaki's mouth against his cock.

"Cute," Takaki says, and Chinen opens his eyes to find him smirking as he gives Chinen another teasing lick. "You aren't gonna watch me? After all that fuss about me looking at you."

"Do something worth watching," Chinen retorts, which only makes Takki chuckle again. But he does as ordered, sliding his mouth over Chinen's cock and sucking at his tip, eyes glued to Chinen's the whole time as he bobs slowly up and down. It's all for show but it sure looks good, and Chinen is distracted enough that he barely notices when Takaki slides the second finger in.

"Quit it, no more teasing," Chinen pants after another couple minutes of torture, Takaki's mouth not working him nearly hard enough to get him anywhere, his fingers just making Chinen want something better inside. He sits up and slides back so that Takaki's fingers and mouth slide off of him.

"Okay, okay," Takaki agrees readily enough. He picks up the condom, but the lube on his hand makes tearing it difficult, and Chinen snatches it out of his hand impatiently. He tears it open and rolls the condom onto Takaki himself. Takaki rolls his hips up into the touch, moaning unashamedly. "Mm, yeah."

Chinen straddles Takaki's lap, ordering Takaki to hold himself up when it's awkward to keep doing it himself. Gripping Takaki's shoulders for balance, Chinen slides down onto Takaki's cock as steadily as he can, both of them groaning. Takaki is leaning back, eyes closed, and Chinen digs his fingers into Takaki's shoulders hard.

"Look at me," he orders. Takaki opens eyes his and grins up at Chinen.

"That's your thing, huh?" he asks. Chinen squeezes around him in reply. "Yeah, okay. Show me what you can do, then."

Challenged like that, Chinen narrows his eyes and goes for it. He rocks up until Takaki is barely inside him, and then back down low enough that his thighs complain a little. Once he gets a feel for the motion of it, Chinen speeds up, a steady roll of his hips up and down that has low noises spilling over Takaki's lips continuously. True to his word, Takaki keeps his eyes fixed on Chinen, making Chinen's blood run hotter, making him squeeze tighter.

"Touch yourself," Takaki says, eyes flicking down to Chinen's cock and then back up again. "I want to see."

Chinen lets go of Takaki's shoulder with one hand and wraps it around himself instead, moaning at the touch. He's closer than he thought, he realizes as soon as he starts to stroke, but he grits his teeth and holds it back because Takaki's eyes are focused on Chinen's hand sliding up and down his cock, and he doesn't want that to end.

"Yeah, like that," Takaki encourages. He's rocking his hips up, pushing up deeper into Chinen when Chinen pushes down. Heat is pooling low in Chinen's belly, everything drawing tight, and he knows he won't be able to hold back much longer especially when Takaki is urging him on in that low, rough voice. "So hot, Chii, watching you with your hands on yourself. You like me watching, huh? Are you close? Come on, let me see it."

"Aah," Chinen moans, giving in and coming over his hand in pulses, heat rushing over him and leaving him a shivering mess in its wake. Takaki's hands on his waist are the only thing helping him keep his balance in Takaki's lap when he opens his eyes. He shifts and moans openly, Takaki still buried deep inside him against oversensitive skin.

"Just like that," Takaki praises. He tips Chinen backwards, and Chinen flails helplessly as he lands on his back, limbs uncoordinated and legs sore. He groans when Takaki crawls over top of him and pushes back inside, starting to thrust as soon as he's inside enough to do it.

It feels good with Chinen still hazy and shaking with aftershocks, and Takaki seems close himself with the way that his hips are already jerking. Chinen tries to talk him into coming just like Takaki did to him, but not much intelligible comes out, just some low noises and half-moans as Takaki pounds into him. Chinen finds it hard to keep his eyes open, but he tries because Takaki is holding himself up on his palms, staring down at him intently as he races to finish.

"Coming," Takaki announces, shuddering himself out, buried deep inside Chinen, and Chinen whines in sympathy at the pulse of it. He's still balanced there, over top of Chinen, when he opens his eyes and grins down at Chinen. "Hell yes. Should I make you jealous more often? Because it's really hot."

"Dick," Chinen says. He stretches a little, enjoying how everything still feels good.

"You want mine, I get it," Takaki teases. He pushes his hips against Chinen's, and both of them grunt, way too soon. "Don't worry, you can taste it next time, I promise."

"Will you get the fuck off me?" Chinen snaps with a roll of his eyes, pushing at his chest, and Takaki only laughs harder as he pulls out and flops on the bed next to Chinen. He tugs Chinen close again his chest, ignoring the way Chinen struggles and slaps at him.

"Quit acting like you don't want it or I'll stop," Takaki threatens, and Chinen falls still. "I thought so. Now say thank you since I gave you just what you wanted like a good senpai."

"I am not thanking you for fucking me," Chinen grumbles. For a minute, neither of them says anything. Finally Chinen rolls over enough to kiss Takaki, figuring whatever.

"Close enough," Takaki says in approval. His bangs are still in their dumb palmtree, and it makes Chinen snort a laugh. Takaki pinches Chinen's waist, making him squeak. "If you come clean up with me, I'll wash your back?"

Chinen is mostly asleep by the time Inoo and Daiki come back, curled up next to Takaki under the blankets, Takaki flipping through television channels like all is right with the world.

"I see you finally got what you want, brat," Inoo comments, patting Chinen's head on the way by. Chinen only grunts sleepily.

"Oh, he got it, all right," Takaki says, way too proud of himself. "Because I gave it to him."

"We get it, man, keep it to yourself!" Inoo tells him, an echoing "Ew," coming from Daiki's cot.

Chinen doesn't bother to open his eyes even to roll them. Maybe next time he'll let those drama idiots have this guy after all.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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